Weiβ Schwarz Cards of the Day: 5th of April

To round out the week Bushiroad presented us with a Love Live! Climax combo featuring all the girls, and the two Vividred cards needed to play Thursday’s Vivid Blue.

 “Oh, Love & Peace!” µ’s

Well that looks like enough to fill an only yellow deck

Yellow / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 2500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«音楽 Music»

[AUTO] [(1)] When this card attacks, if [Wonderful Rush] is in your Climax Zone, you may pay the Cost. If you do so, choose 1 of your «音楽 Music» characters, during that turn, it gains Power +5000.

THe whole group appears for this Climax combo that can be used to take out some of your opponent’s more powerful cards. Usually I imagine you would pass this boost onto another stronger character, so that they can defeat an even stronger one of your opponent’s cards. A 5000 boost will normally be enough to defeat anything of an equal Level, but could also help one of your cards take on higher Level opponents. In the worst case scenario you could always just use the effect on itself, allowing you to at least deal with 1/0s and maybe a few 1/1s.

Wonderful Rush

It finally appears!

Yellow / 2 Soul Trigger

[CONT] All of your characters gain Soul +2.

This is the Climax that goes along with the above combo. Since it only gives a Soul boost, you’ll need to rely on the combo for Power, but it might be useful on its own for Side attacks.

First Time Docking, Akane

This doesn't look as bad as I'd feared.

Red / Level 2 / Cost 1 / 7500 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«鍵 Key» / «武器 Weapon»

[ACT] [(2) Place 1 [The Power to Protect, Aoi] from your Stage, and this card in Memory] Choose 1 [2 people becoming one, Vivid Blue] from your Waiting Room and place it in the Border this card was in.

Following on from Thursday’s Vivid Blue, we now have the Akane that allows you to play her. By combining this Akane and the Aoi we’ll see next, you can bring out Vivid Blue a Level early, and automatically make her power boost active. On top of this, you’ll also end up with a smaller deck when it’s time to Refresh, since you’ll have at least 2 cards in Memory.

Overall the card will set you back 1 card and 2 Stock, meaning that you’re really only giving up 1 extra card in order to play Vivid Blue early. You just need to make sure you can gather both of the required cards and get Vivid Blue in the Waiting Room in time. Aoi will be central to the Deck’s support, so you shouldn’t need to worry too much about getting her onto the Stage, whilst the rest can easily be set up thanks to Momo. You can not only add Akane, but also have the possibility to dump Vivid Blue to the Waiting Room.

The Power to Protect, Aoi

Global support in TDs is always good.

Blue / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 2000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«鍵 Key» / «武器 Weapon»

[CONT] All of your other «鍵 Key» characters gain Power +500.

Aoi is a global support card for «鍵 Key», meaning she’ll be central to keeping your characters strong during the early parts of the game. Since this is all she does, she has a fairly high 2000 Power, at least for a support. Later on you can use her to bring out Vivid Blue, and potentially replace her with a more powerful support card afterwards.


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