Weiβ Schwarz Cards of the Day: 11th-12th of March

Bushiroad have really been ramping it up with the previews this week, with quadruple previews each day so far, and the final 3 extra previews from the Twitter campaign. Yesterday we were treated to the swimwear versions of several characters, whilst today we got plenty of Senbonzakura cards.

Megurine Luka “SW resort bikini”

Fanservice day today.

Red / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 1500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«音楽 Music» / «水着 Swimsuit»

[AUTO] When this card attacks, choose up to 2 of your «音楽 Music» characters, during that turn, they gain Power +500.

[AUTO] When this card is Reversed, if this card’s battle opponent is Level 0 or below, you may Reverse that character.

The reverser for Project Diva finally appears, and it’s a really good one too. In addition to being a reverser, a vital card for just about any deck, she can also make your characters even stronger. At the right time it might be possible to take several cards out in battle, whilst also reversing Luka’s opponent with her effect. This could really disrupt your opponent’s plans and start to put a gap between your resources. Of course, you might not be able to get the full power out of this card often, because your opponent won’t always put down 3 Level 0s during the start of the game. Her power boosting ability could also make her useful later in the game, when most other reversers are completely obsolete.

MEIKO “SW long pareo”

It's quite similar to that very expensive Otonashi PR.

Red / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 2500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«音楽 Music» / «水着 Swimsuit»

[AUTO] [(1) Place 1 card from your Hand in the Waiting Room] When this card is placed on the Stage from your Hand, you may pay the Cost. If you do so, add 1 «音楽 Music» character from your Waiting Room to your Hand.

Our second swimwear card features MEIKO, and has a very useful effect for salvaging characters and fixing your Hand. She’ll be useful at just about any point in the game, since she’ll allow you to exchange a dead card, like a Climax, for a «音楽 Music» character, allowing you hopefully pick and choose the one for your current situation. If not you could simply start to get set up for later in the game. Whilst she doesn’t end up getting you any extra cards, she can at least still be used as a decent attacker during Level 0, potentially taking out some of the weaker Level 0 cards.

KAITO “SW half pants”

Kaito finally shows his face!

Blue / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 5500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«音楽 Music» / «水着 Swimsuit»

No effect.

Your basic 1/0 vanilla.

Kagamine Len “SW boxer”

Is everyone getting this sort of card?

Yellow / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 1000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«音楽 Music» / «水着 Swimsuit»

[CONT] All of your other characters whose card name includes [リン Rin] or [ レン Len] gain Power +500

[ACT] [Rest this card] Choose 1 of your characters whose card name includes [リン Rin] or [ レン Len], during that turn, it gains Power +500.

Len’s swimsuit appearance is the equivalent of [“39 Get!” Hatsune Miku] from over the weekend, but for Rin and Len instead. You would think that with 2 characters the effect could boost a wider range of cards, which might explain the 500 Power difference from Miku. However since we know Miku appears in colours other than Green this might not end up being true. This would be essential for a Rin/Len deck, but of course wouldn’t find use elsewhere.

Hatsune Miku “One Sakura・Cherry Blossom”

I still think hand-less gloves are weird.

Green / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 5000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«音楽 Music» / «和服 Traditional Japanese Clothes»

[AUTO] [(1)] When this card attacks, if [Senbonzakura] is in your Climax Zone, you may pay the Cost. If you do so, during that turn, this card gains Power +X. X is this card’s battle opponent’s Level x 3000.

Up first for the Tuesday previews we have a Miku Climax combo that should be able to defeat most cards out there. Since she gains 3000 per Level it means she’ll be facing down Level 1s at 8000, Level 2s at 11,000 and Level 3s and 14,000. She actually becomes stronger as the game goes on, because  at Level 1 it’s not too unusual for a card to reach 8000 from supports alone, whereas most Level 2s will struggle to hit 11,000 and most Level 3s will struggle to reach 14,000. In the latter two cases you will still need to be wary of Counters though.

Kagamine Len “Two Sakura・Fan Dance”

The second generation arrive!

Yellow / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 2000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«音楽 Music» / «和服 Traditional Japanese Clothes»

[ACT] BRAINSTORM Turn over the top 4 cards of your Deck and place them in the Waiting Room. For every 1 Climax Card amongst them, choose 1 of your characters, during that turn, it gains Power +2000.

Len makes his second appearance in this preview, and this time with a Brainstorm effect. Since it only requires a Stock it can be used repeatedly to thin your deck, or alternatively to try and gain a huge Power boost. 2000 Power could quite easily turn the tide of battle for evenly matched cards, or could allow a lower Level character to defeat a higher Level one. If you hit multiple Climax cards you could get some truly powerful characters, but you’ll probably be a bit worried that you’ve just traded off several cancels to try and win a battle or two.

Kagamine Rin “Two Sakura・Butterfly”

Eye patches are in again.

Yellow / Level 1 / Cost 1 / 1500 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger / Counter

«音楽 Music» / «和服 Traditional Japanese Clothes»

[AUTO] When you use this card’s [BACKUP], reveal the top 1 card of your Deck. If that card is a «音楽 Music» character, you may choose 1 of your characters, during that turn, it gains Power +1000. (Put the revealed card back.)

[ACT] COUNTER BACKUP 1500 Level 1 [(1) Place this card in your Waiting Room from your Hand]

Rin’s Senbonzakura card is a character Counter that could potentially be quite useful. Normally she’s a 1500 counter, which is underpowered for a 1/1 Counter, but her extra effect should make up for this when it succeeds.  If you reveal a «音楽 Music» character you could either make it so one character will gain 2500 Power, or you can split the boosts between two characters, potentially saving two of your cards from defeat. If you plan on using this card you might want to play a deck light on Event cards, to reduce the chances of it failing.


I didn't realise they had lasers back then.

Green / 2 Soul Trigger

[CONT] All of your characters gain Soul +2.

This is the accompanying Climax for Miku above. Since it’s a Soul booster it will stop Miku’s Power getting too big, but does allow you to cause more damage.

Kasane Teto “Original”

Originally an April Fool's joke, and isn't actually a Vocaloid.

Red / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 5500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«音楽 Music» / «ネット Net»

[AUTO] When this card is placed on the Stage from your Hand, reveal the top 1 card of your Deck. If the card isn’t a «音楽 Music» character, Rest this card. (Put the revealed card back.)

[ACT] [(1)] Choose 1 of your «音楽 Music» characters, during that turn it gains Power +1500.

Teto is unusual since she’s not actually a Vocaloid, but instead an UTAU character. She was originally designed as a troll character, but has since developed as her own character. Teto has the stats of 1/0 vanilla, but with a bonus effect to help you win battles. However because of this she also has a negative effect. When you play her you must reveal the top of your Deck and hope it’s a «音楽 Music» character. The vast majority of the time it will be, so you’ll be able to use her as normal. However when you hit a Climax or Event card, she’ll Rest, preventing her from attacking that turn. Unless you load up on Event cards, this hopefully won’t happen too often. You might also find this effect useful since it lets you see the top of your Deck.

Her second effect is useful for powering your characters up, but you don’t necessarily have to use it, since she’ll also function just as if she’s a 1/0 vanilla. Teto will be useful as a way to power up your characters without giving up your attacking capabilities.

Sorry, It Was Only SAFE

Poor Miku.

Blue / Level 2 / Cost 1 / No Trigger


BRAINSTORM Turn over the top 3 cards of your Deck, and place them in the Waiting Room. If there are any Climax cards amongst them, draw 1 card. If there are not, draw 2 cards.

Up next we have an Event Brainstorm card, that will at the very least always replace itself. It has the unusual effect that it gets better when you don’t hit any Climax cards, meaning that it’ll be at it’s best when you’re trying to force a Refresh on a Deck with no Climaxes left. Either you’ll end up merely replacing this card, or you’ll get 1 extra card out of it, which can be very helpful when you’re in a spot of bother, or have simply just used up your resources. Being an Event means it can’t be used repeatedly though, and in all likelihood cannot be searched.

Weekender Girl

Pansy Miku is back.

Green / Level 2 / Cost 2 / No Trigger


If you don’t have any «音楽 Music» characters, you can’t play this card from your Hand. Search your Deck for up to 2 «音楽 Music» characters, add then to your Hand. Shuffle your Deck.

Our final card for now is another Event card, this time allowing you to search for two «音楽 Music» characters from your Deck. Not only does this give you an extra card, but it also allows you to grab cards that would be well suited to the current situation. You have to be careful that you’ll have enough Stock to use all the cards afterwards though. It’s unlikely you’ll ever be in such a bad situation that you won’t have a single «音楽 Music» character on your Stage and thus be unable to use this card.


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