Weiβ Schwarz Card of the Day: 21th of February

In a surprising move, we’ve had our first single card preview in a long time. This might possibly be because the full set reveal is happening tomorrow, and the preview on that day is usually of old cards anyway. What’s likely to be our final new card sees the return of Leafa.

<<Sylph>> Girl, Leafa

Leafa looks happy today.

Green / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 4500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«アバター Avatar» / «武器 Weapon»

[AUTO] ENCORE [Put 1 character card from your Hand to the Waiting Room]

[ACT] [Rest 2 of your «アバター Avatar» or «ネット Net» characters] During that turn, this card gains power +2500.

We’ve got quite a useful Leafa card today, that comes with both power and survivability. During your turn she can reach 7000, simply by Resting two characters, hopefully Back Stage. This means she’ll be able to defeat most 1/0s, and even go head to head with many 1/1s. Her encore effect allows you to keep her on the Stage, and keep on defeating characters, however she’ll probably be a bit too easy to defeat with only 4500 power. This means that for every one of your opponent’s cards that you defeat on your turn, you’ll probably have to give up a card from your hand during your opponent’s turn.

However for just a Stock more, you could use yesterday’s Asuna, who can stay at 7000, whilst having Encore. However that requires you protect Kirito alongside her, and of course would be for a completely different colour deck.


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