Deck Profile: 眼鏡属性ってなに?

For my third Deck Profile I’m going to be looking at my deck based around the «メガネ Glasses» attribute. As you might imagine there are quite a lot of characters out there with the «メガネ Glasses» attribute, but they can’t necessarily all be combined together. For example one of the iM@S girls wears Glasses, but she’s Green, which I didn’t feel would fit with the rest of the deck. Some of my choices with what to play in this deck are down to character preferences though, picking quite a few cards because I know the series or like the character.

If you’re a fan of Haruhi you might recognise the deck title, which I thought was rather appropriate for the Deck. For those of you that don’t understand Japanese it roughly says “What’s a glasses fetish?”


Level 0: 16
4x Tabitha of the Yukikaze
4x Kanji Tatsumi
4x Miyuki, Chairman Character
2x Kensuke Aida
2x Convictor Nemo

Level 1: 12
2x Miyuki Takara
2x Miyuki, Teeth Hurting
2x Nagato, Waiting Mode
4x “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception” Shiki
2x Yukari Takara

Level 2: 13
2x Yukiko & Amatarasu
4x Battle Mode
3x Literature Club Nagato
4x Chihiro Fushimi, Student Council President

Level 3: 1
1x Strongest Character Miyuki

Climax: 8
4x Salvation
4x Seventeen Cuts

Level 0

Did you miss me?

At Level 0 the deck has a good variety of cards and effects, and can pull off some quite interesting plays.

The workhorse for the deck will be [Tabitha of the Yukikaze], who you might remember from the Tabitha deck. She can get over some of your opponent’s more powerful cards, whilst her Encore ability will help you maintain a Stage, and get a revenge attack in on the next turn.

Sunglasses count too!

For those cards which are simply too strong for Tabitha, you can instead turn to [Kanji Tatsumi], who can deal with most threats. As a Reverser there are few Level 0s that can stop him, only really needing to worry about those cards immune to these kinds of effects. Since he doesn’t have any other effects, it allows Kanji to have a base power of 2000, as opposed to the 1500 you see on lots of the others. Sometimes this will allow you to take out weaker Level 0 cards and give you the opportunity to get rid of 2 cards for the price of 1.

Experience decks are no match for me!

Outside of the main attackers the deck uses [Convictor Nemo] and [Kensuke Aida], the former of which can mess up your opponent’s plans, the latter can help yours. When Nemo is reversed, he allows you to put one card from your opponent’s Clock to the Waiting Room, and replace it with the card from the top of their deck. This can really mess up Experience decks which rely on getting a high Level card into the Level slot early, since they’ll often not want to put too many into the Clock at once. Sometimes it might also mess up your opponent’s colour distribution and restrict their early Level 1 plays. Finally, even if you can’t do anything useful like this, there’s always the possibility that the card off the top of the deck could be a Climax, preventing your opponent from cancelling damage. If possible you want to try and send Nemo after reversing cards or other weaker characters, since it means you’ll at least take down one of your opponent’s cards in the process.

Hey, wanna know where to find more glasses girls?

Kensuke on the other hand allows you to salvage any character if you pay 2 Stock and Rest him. This can be very important for setting up later in the game, since the deck absolutely needs some of its Level 2 cards to be able to function properly. He also provides the deck with a little bit more Red, so that other cards can function.

Be prepared to see quite a lot more of Miyuki.

The final Level 0 is [Miyuki, Chairman Character], who will provide support for the rest of your characters. There are loads of cards out there with the «メガネ Glasses» attribute and the basic Assist ability, but I decided to opt for Miyuki in this deck. This is because on top of her Assist effect, she also has an extra way to provide a Power boost. By sending her to the Waiting Room, one of your characters gains Power +1000, which will leave them 500 better off than from the Assist ability. A lot of the time you won’t actually need to use this, since it’s honestly a waste of a card, simply to get a boost that small. However, since she’s going to get replaced at Level 2 anyway, I thought it might be at least worth doing something with her, rather than just playing a new card over the top of her. The fact she’s blue can also help with the colour distribution.

During Level 0 the deck has a lot more tricks than the other fun decks I’ve displayed so far, so it can stand its ground a bit better against other decks. For power and sustainability you’ve got Tabitha, to deal with threats you’ve got Kanji, and to mess up your opponent’s plans you’ve got Nemo.

Level 1

He's still holding his glasses, it still counts!

The deck is mostly fairly ordinary at Level 1, but it does have one stand out card in the form of [“Mystic Eyes of Death Perception” Shiki]. He has a powerful Climax combo that is the bane of decks which rely on Encore, such as Angel Beats! and Disgaea. Shiki’s ability pumps himself by 3000, and turns off Encore for the opponent for the turn, even by game mechanics. This means that if you manage to clear your opponent’s Stage this turn, they won’t be coming back any time soon. The power boost also means Shiki can handle lots of cards in battle. Adding on the Climax itself he can reach 10,000, and with support can even reach 13,000. On rare occasions you might even push him further, but it usually won’t be needed. This means that Shiki can be a threat throughout the game and is always something your opponent needs to be wary of.

I wonder who inspired the deck...

The rest of the Level 1 attackers are merely vanillas, coming in the form of [Miyuki, Teeth Hurting] and [Nagato, Waiting Mode]. The former is a 1/0, whilst the latter is a 1/1. Ideally you’ll try to use Miyuki to start your attacks, and follow up with Yuki when your opponent plays more powerful characters.

I'll teach you a lesson about card games.

To help maintain the Stage at Level 1, I also use the Counter card [Miyuki Takara], which is a simple 1/0 +1500 Counter. It allows you to keep your characters alive during the early game, without losing you any Stock in the process. Since it’s only a weak counter it will of course struggle to protect your 1/0s from some of your opponent’s 1/1s.

Have you seen my daughter around here?

The final level 1 card doesn’t actually have the «メガネ Glasses» attribute, but is a useful support card for the deck instead. Miyuki’s mum, Yukari, has an Alarm ability that gives all your «メガネ Glasses» characters +1000, meaning you can turn your characters into quite a deadly attacking force. It will also mean on that on some rare occasions she’ll turn a battle around, by ending up on top of the Clock after you take damage.

During Level 1 the strategy is fairly straightforward. You’ll mainly be using Miyuki and Yuki to handle your opponent’s cards, backed up by the Miyuki counter. This will hopefully save you Stock for later. If your opponent plays any powerful or annoying characters you can then bring in Shiki to deal with them.

Level 2

You're in trouble now!

Level 2 is the heart of the deck, and where some of its most powerful cards can be found.  Since most of the current Level 3s out there either don’t really fit into the theme or colour of the deck, or just aren’t that great, it falls to the Level 2 cards to put in most of the work. Arguably the strongest of them, and the card that inspired me to make the deck, is [Battle Mode]. This Event Counter gives a character 1000 times the number of «メガネ Glasses» characters on the Stage. This usually means you can get a 5000 boost for a single Stock. This can either be used to help build a near unbreakable wall, or could be used to smash whatever your opponent has put before you. Usually playing 4 of a card like this might be a bit of an overkill, but I decided to just go all out with this deck.

Such a pain to find!

The mainstay of Level 2 is [Literature Club Nagato], who will provide a wall against your opponent’s advances, since she gains 1000 Power in your opponent’s turn. Throw in supports and she’ll usually be at 11,000. Add on Battle Mode to all of this and she manages to reach 16,000, which many decks can struggle to get over. This can make it very difficult to get rid of Yuki once she makes it to the Stage. Throughout all of this, you also won’t be using up too much Stock, so it means you might even be able to Encore Yuki if she is somehow defeated. She’s not quite as good when going on the offensive, but she can handle some other Level 2 cards. Ideally you’ll be hoping for direct attacks due to the fact your opponent lost a character trying to defeat her on their turn. I had originally planned to use 4 copies of this card in my deck, but it proved quite difficult to even find this card in Japan. Out of all the places we visited in Nipponbashi and Akihabara we only managed to find 3 copies, but I passed on the final one which had a higher price than the previous two combined. Fortunately I had one to start off with though.

I'm not sure how often I've even pulled this off...

The only other Level 2 in the deck really capable of attacking is [Yukiko & Amaterasu], who is really more there for the Climax combo. When building the deck I decided that I wanted to try and have a way to salvage my characters, because certain cards like [Literature Club Nagato] are very important to the deck. The easiest way to do this is via Gate Triggers, which means you need to play Red, unless you want to draw dead cards. I decided to include a Gate Trigger that came with a Climax combo, so that I could still get something out of the Climax when I drew it. Thus I decided to go with [Yukiko & Amaterasu], who turn that Climax into another chance to salvage characters. It can sometimes be a little tricky to get Yukiko onto the Stage, with the sparse number of Red cards in the deck, but it can be done if you’re careful.

Aside from the Climax combo, she also has a useful effect for tackling decks which like to Rest their support cards. Since she gains 2000 when the opponent has no Standing characters, she can reach 10,000 making her a threat to Level 3 cards. However this won’t happen unless the opponent regularly Rests Back Stage cards. Even if they do, they may well stop when faced by Yukiko, since it’ll make her easier to defeat. This could grant you a one turn reprieve from your opponent’s full strength though.

メガネ! メガネ!

The final Level 2 card is [Chihiro Fushimi, Student Council President], a powerful support card for the deck. She gives all your «メガネ Glasses» characters a +1000 boost, meaning your Stage can become quite tough to break once you get two of her out. She also allows you to search for a «メガネ Glasses» character for 2 Stock when you play her. Since the rest of the deck is fairly low cost, you should have plenty of Stock for this. She will allow you to hopefully grab the cards you need to bolster your field, and get the deck up to full strength. Usually this will mean more copies of herself, or [Literature Club Nagato]. You just have to watch out for those times all those cards end up in the Waiting Room or Stock.

Level 2 is when the deck really starts to consolidate its Stage, and aims to try and build an unbreakable wall of Yukis. You want to try and get 2 copies of Chihiro on Stage as soon as you can, and then fill the rest of your Stage with [Literature Club Nagato], since this is just about the best play the deck has. Hopefully you’ll manage to hold onto enough copies of [Battle Mode] and [Miyuki Takara] that your opponent will struggle to get past you. Aside from this you’ll want to use cards like Kensuke and Yukiko to help set this Stage up. It’s also sensible to hold Shiki back in reserve, just in case your opponent plays something you have to get rid of.

Level 3

The card name is making quite a statement isn't it?

At Level 3 the deck only plays 1 card, a single copy of [Strongest Character Miyuki], which is really here more as a joke card than anything else. Although I suppose it does provide the deck with the healing it sorely lacks. Miyuki has a pair of very unusual abilities, that can finally provide a use for all that Stock you’ve been building up. Her first effect allows you to add all the Climaxes in your Waiting Room to your Hand, and then discard the same number of cards. This could be used to help with Yukiko or Shiki’s Climax combos, but can also feed her second effect. Her second effect allows you to heal 1 damage in exchange for a Stock and a Climax card, which is a pretty heavy Cost as far as healing is concerned, especially since many Level 3s do it for free. It is however a repeatable effect, allowing you to heal lots in a single turn. It will ruin your Hand though. As mentioned before, this card is really more for messing about than anything else though.

The strategy at Level 3 is pretty much the same as Level 2, with you just trying to maintain the wall of Yukis. You can however throw in Miyuki sometimes, just to extend the game a little bit longer for you. Even now Shiki can still deal with some threats, or at least help turn Encore off.


Where'd his glasses go?

The deck uses two Climaxes, [Salvation] and [Seventeen Cuts]. The former is mainly used because it’s a Gate Trigger, but will rarely be used alongside Yukiko. The latter is used for its Climax combo with [“Mystic Eyes of Death Perception” Shiki], since it’s just too good an effect to pass up in this deck.


The «メガネ Glasses» deck has a lot more going for it than the previous decks I’ve showcased, because it has access to a wide variety of cards and effects. At Level 0 it has a lot of the useful things like a Reverser and someone with Encore, whilst also being able to use countermeasures against Experience decks. Its Level 1 is fairly straightforward, but has a Climax combo capable of countering powerful Neo-Standard decks like Angel Beats! and Disgaea. From there on it just becomes a matter of protecting Yuki by any means possible, and trying to abuse [Battle Mode], one of the strongest Counters around.

The deck is very strong defensively, since it’s not unheard of for a Level 0 to successfully defend itself from a Level 2. However, aside from Shiki’s Climax combo it doesn’t have the offensive strength some other decks do. The deck is also sorely lacking in Soul, which can make it hard to seal the game. The near complete lack of Level 3s can also be to its detriment, especially as far as matters like healing are concerned. It would be really nice if we had some more Yellow or Blue Level 3s with the «メガネ Glasses» attribute. However at this point it seems unlikely we’ll be getting any cards from for example The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, which would have been a prime opportunity for cards like that.



    1. It’s slowly improving, but I still struggle with things like Kanji. With these cards there are translations done by other people, that I memorise, but I’m trying to get into better habits of being able to read it all myself. Fortunately though, Yu-Gi-Oh! uses simpler terms for things like deck, as far as I’m aware.


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