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As a break from all the Cards of the Day I regularly do, I’m going to be presenting some Deck Profiles for the decks I currently own. Most of them are fun decks more than anything else, but the nice thing about Weiβ Schwarz is that fun decks won’t automatically get trounced like in some games. They might not win as often as proper decks, but at least they can put up a decent fight.

For my first Deck Profile I’m going to be showing off my deck based around Tabitha from The Familiar of Zero (Zero no Tsukaima). In fitting with the character, and the quotes on some of her cards, I felt the name ‘…’ would be appropriate for the deck.

Everything looks the same!

I’ve tried to stick to just Tabitha or her familiar where possible, meaning it does forgo a lot of powerful cards just to maintain the theme. When you’re building this sort of deck though, what matters is the character more than the power of the deck itself. The deck isn’t quite pure Yellow but the combo with Louise was just too good to pass up.

Level 0: 16

4x Tabitha of the Yukikaze
4x Sylphid
4x Quiet Tabitha
2x Tabitha, Royalty of Gallia
2x Louise, Strong Bond

Level 1: 10

4x Tabitha, the Girl Forgiven by Friends
2x “Wind User” Tabitha
4x Tabitha, Being Quiet

Level 2: 12

2x Tabitha, Dragon User
4x Tabitha, “Knight” of Hero
3x Tabitha, Trustworthy Ally
3x Looking Back, Tabitha

Level 3: 4

2x Charlotte Helene Orleans
2x Charlotte Helene Orleans

Climax: 8

4x Tabitha’s Secret
4x My Ivaldi

Level 0

You'll be seeing this card again soon in another Deck Profile

During Level 0 with this deck you’ll want to try and build Stock, whilst trying to gather your combo pieces together. The attackers of the deck only consist of [Quiet Tabitha] and [Tabitha of the Yukikaze], meaning it can be quite difficult to handle cards that can reach 4000 or higher during Level 0. [Tabitha of the Yukikaze] will be the real workhorse of the pair, since she can hit harder and is much more difficult to get rid of. Whilst she might have terrible defenses, you can still Encore her in order to keep on building up Stock and strike back against the opponent.

The other 3 cards all work as support, setting up for future plays. [Sylphid] powers up everyone in the deck bar himself and Louise, giving your cards a much needed power boost. Unfortunately since the deck doesn’t have access to any stronger supports, you might find yourself lacking in power when it gets to the late game. As an added bonus he Bonds to both Level 3s for the deck, since they share a name. This will be important for making sure you have cards to play at Level 3, since the deck is lacking in salvage effects.

[Tabitha, Royalty of Gallia] and [Louise, Strong Bond] both provide the deck with Brainstorm, allowing you to thin your deck and set up for your Change effect. [Tabitha, Royalty of Gallia] will mainly be used either to thin the deck, or set up future plays by searching your important «魔法 Magic» to your Hand. With [Louise, Strong Bond] on the other hand you’ll mainly be using her in the hope her effect succeeds, since it will allow you to play [Tabitha, the Girl Forgiven by Friends] early before Changing to [Tabitha, “Knight” of Hero], giving you access to an 8500 with Encore during Level 0. This doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, she’s pretty hard to get rid of.

This is pretty much the deck's only strategy.

Level 1

Say goodbye to all your Stock

During Level 1 this deck doesn’t really have that much it can do that’s actually to do with Level 1, since there simply aren’t enough Tabitha cards to use. If you want to go on the offensive you’ll often have to rely on [Tabitha, Being Quiet], since this is the only Level 1 the deck has with any sort of decent power. Unfortunately since it’s just a 1/1 vanilla there isn’t much very interesting you can do with it.

However if you have enough Stock and the right cards you can use [Tabitha, the Girl Forgiven by Friends] to call forth  [Tabitha, “Knight” of Hero], who should easily have Encore, given that you’ll have just used up 3 Stock in order to play her. In addition if you have [My Ivaldi] you can use her Climax combo to power herself  and one of your other characters up. This probably won’t make too much difference for [Tabitha, the Girl Forgiven by Friends] who can only match a 1/0 vanilla, but it could allow [Tabitha, Being Quiet] to defeat other more powerful Level 1 cards.

Notice anything different about the art?

The final Level 1 card is [“Wind User” Tabitha] who can act as an alternative to [Sylphid] if you haven’t drawn 2 of him yet. The power boost is only to the cards in front of her, but she does have a second effect that can work in conjunction with your Brainstorm effects. A +2000 boost is nothing to scoff at, and can help the deck make up for the power deficit it usually suffers from. However you cannot rely on this effect to work too often, since you won’t always have [Tabitha, Royalty of Gallia] or [Louise, Strong Bond] and their effects won’t always work either.

Basically at Level 1 this deck will usually want to concentrate on getting as many copies of [Tabitha, “Knight” of Hero] onto the Stage as possible. This way you should be able to make up for the power deficit that the Level 1 cards themselves have. The issue of course with this strategy is that you’ll never have much Stock, making it hard to compress your Deck, and make you much more likely to take damage.

Level 2

This is the key to the deck.

At Level 2 the main focus of the deck will remain on [Tabitha, “Knight” of Hero], who will probably have been carrying the deck since Level 1, and sometimes Level 0. 8500 power isn’t too impressive for a Level 2, especially given her Cost, but her Encore ability does make it quite a pain to get rid of her. If backed up by [Looking Back, Tabitha] she might not even need to use the Encore ability. The biggest problem [Tabitha, “Knight” of Hero] faces is that sooner or later you’re likely to have too much Stock, meaning she loses Encore and becomes worse than a vanilla. You could try and rectify this situation by playing more copies of her, or using [Tabitha, Royalty of Gallia] and [Louise, Strong Bond].

Outside of this your only other Level 2 attacker is [Tabitha, Trustworthy Ally], who can be 9500 on the turn you play her. This can hopefully help you deal with Level 2s that [Tabitha, “Knight” of Hero] cannot handle, but you’ll struggle to defeat anyone larger than 10,500. If your opponent doesn’t have any worthy opponent’s she’ll unfortunately be mostly wasted, since when defending she’s poor for a Level 2, and might even fall to some powered up Level 1s.

The deck is also packing an Alarm effect via [Tabitha, Dragon User], who can help boost the Soul of your characters once you reach Level 2. If you’ve fallen behind on damage this might be useful for last ditch attacks, but always runs the risk of being cancelled. It’s probably more sensible to use it for making Side Attacks cause specific low amounts of damage in order to deal that game winning blow.

Should have got more of this

The final Level 2 is [Looking Back, Tabitha], a 2/1 vanilla Counter, but at least it allows the deck to play Counters. This is helpful for keeping your characters alive at the end of the game, and can hopefully make up for the power deficit the deck otherwise has. Since the deck usually caps out at 11,000 whilst defending, you’ll have to be wary of decks that can break this barrier, because you’ll become defenseless against them. After playing a bit with the deck I realised I should really have played a 4th copy, but I don’t currently have access to any extra copies.

Level 3

Why did they have to have the same name?

The Level 3 game of this deck is unfortunately pretty poor, with access to at max only 4 Level 3s, since both of the cards share a name. This version plays 2 of both to mix things up a bit, but I would be tempted to switch to 3:1 in favour of the newer [Charlotte Helene Orleans]. One advantage of the shared names though is the fact that it allows you to Bond to either of them using [Sylphid]. This should hopefully make it easier to get them into your Hand by the time you get to Level 3, especially since the deck can very easily fill up the Waiting Room.

If only she had more power.

The older [Charlotte Helene Orleans] has Great Perfomance, which can help direct attacks away from other cards towards her, but unfortunately she only has 8500 power. This means that even with 2 [Sylphid] and [Looking Back, Tabitha] she can only hold off cards with 12,000 power, without becoming Reversed herself. This means some decks will have little trouble stopping her, and without the Counter card she’ll just get walked over by many Level 2 or 3 cards. She does have Encore though, meaning you can at least keep a character on the Stage to try and finish off the opponent if you get another turn. Finally she has a Climax combo with [Tabitha’s Secret] that allows you to bounce an opponent’s character back to their Hand. This could be useful for allowing your generally weaker characters to get through your opponent’s defenses, and make them reuse their Stock. If you bounce a support card it might even allow you to win several battles.

The newer version of [Charlotte Helene Orleans] on the other hand has more power at the standard 10,000 and she also allows you to replenish your Hand, and potentially draw more useful cards. She also comes with an additional effect that can help you defeat your opponent’s more powerful cards. If you trigger a Climax when attacking, she’ll gain 2000 Power, making her able to take on stronger Level 3 cards, and is the only way you could hope to defeat characters backed up by things like 2 Level support cards. However generally speaking you won’t be able to use this effect very often, because you’ll have more non-Climax cards than Climax cards in your deck. Also if you can’t end the game on that turn, you’ll probably end up regretting triggering that Climax on the next turn.


Don't cry Tabitha!

The deck simply plays the Climaxes required for its Climax comboes, which also happen to be the only ones featuring Tabitha. [MyIvaldi] can help bolster your Stock and Soul, and will help you with any shortcomings you have when trying to use the Change effect of [Tabitha, the Girl Forgiven by Friends]. [Tabitha’s Secret] on the other hand is simply a standard Power +1000, Soul +1. It does however have a Bounce Trigger, meaning that you can hopefully clear the way for your weaker cards.


Overall this deck is fairly lacking in most respects, mainly because of the incredibly narrow choice of cards available to it. This deck pretty much plays all of the Tabitha cards in the game, barring about 2, which you either wouldn’t have been able to fit in the deck, or I simply didn’t like.

The main play of the deck is to get [Tabitha, “Knight” of Hero] onto the Stage as soon as possible, and try and do as much damage with her as possible. After this you just have to protect her and keep on Encoring her until you can upgrade to [Charlotte Helene Orleans]. If this fails the deck will pretty much just fall apart. Outside of this, most of its other characters aren’t anything special for the Level they’re in, with you often relying on vanillas. The deck has real Power problems, and struggles to defeat characters who can make it over 11,000 Power.

Ultimately though the point of the deck was to build a deck around Tabitha, and to have fun with it, which I feel the deck succeeds at. It doesn’t really matter how often it will be winning, which isn’t much, as long as it’s fun to use. And there certainly aren’t many decks out there capable of putting down a Level 2 card during Level 0.



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