Weiβ Schwarz Card of the Day: 5th of October

To finish off the week Bushiroad stuck with the triple bill of cards, but stopped the Accel World previes in order to give us even more Rewrite Harvest Festa! Once again there was a Climax combo, but also accompained by a card that will help set up any Climax combos.

Best memory, Kagari

Blue / Level 3 / Cost 2 / 10000 / 2 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«時間 Time» / «鍵 Key»

[AUTO] When this card is put from Hand to the Stage or put to the Stage by [CHANGE], you may put the top 1 card of your Clock to the Waiting Room.
[AUTO] When this card attacks, if [Remaining possibility] is in the Climax Border, this card gains the following ability until the end of your opponent’s next turn. [[AUTO] When your other character in battle is put to Reverse, you may put that character to Memory. If you do so, at the beginning of your next Draw Phase, put that character from your Memory to any Border on the Stage you wish.]

Remaining possibility

Blue / 2 Soul Trigger

[AUTO] When this card is put from Hand to the Climax Border, draw 1 card and choose 1 of your characters, and it gains Power +2000, Soul +1 for that turn.

Best memory, Kagari has a powerful Climax combo but will also be standard Level 3 with heal under normal circumstances. Her Climax combo gives both of your other characters a pseudo-Encore when they lose battle, until the end of your opponent’s next turn. During the end of the game when conserving cards is important this could be a godsend.

However it’s not as simple as a normal Encore . Since the characters go to Memory before returning you could be left with empty spaces during your opponent’s turn. In the end game this could kill you due to the extra damage, or save you due to the increased chance of cancelling. Since it isn’t an Encore it will also allow you to bypass those rare Encore cancelling cards.

The duration of the effect is also worth bearing in mind whilst using Kagari. If you want to be able to use her effect in the opponent’s turn you can’t lose Kagari in your turn. This means you may have to Side Attack or attack a weak opponent, just in case the opponent counters and defeats Kagari. Once you get to the opponent’s turn you should have no concerns, outside of very rare Level 3 character removal. However you fortunately don’t need to worry about keeping Kagari alive in order to return your characters from Memory.

The one who set the bonfire

Blue / Level 1 / Cost 1 / Event

Search your Deck for up to 1 Climax card, show it to your opponent and add it to your Hand. Shuffle that Deck.

The one who set the bonfire is a very rare type of card that allows you to search for a Climax card. I think the only other example is [Ayase’s Steiner] from Guilty Crown, which is the same card, barring the series of course. Searching for a Climax card helps you pull off Climax combos, but this of course reduces the number of Climaxes in your deck. Unless you’re trying for a really elaborate combo I think you’ll just be better off playing as normal and not worry about this card. The increased chance of taking damage will probably be a bigger detriment than the gain from the Climax combo.


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