Weiβ Schwarz Card of the Day: 3rd of August

To finish off the iM@S previews for the week (and presumably until another iM@S expansion comes out as well), we got a pair of Haruka cards. The first of these was previewed a month ago, so I won’t be covering it again. This only leaves us with one card for today.

Center of 765 Productions, Haruka

Red / Level 2 / Cost 1 / 7500 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«音楽 Music» / «お菓子 Sweets»

[AUTO] [(1)] When this card’s Level 2 or above battle opponent is put to Reverse, you may pay the cost. If you do so, choose 1 character card from your Waiting Room and return it to Hand.
[ACT] [Put 1 of your «音楽 Music» characters to Rest] This card gains Power +1000 for that turn.

This Haruka card on her own is lacking in strength for a 2/1 at only 7500, but hopefully her effects can make up for this. Her second effect could potentially lead to a 4000 power boost, but honestly most of the time it’ll be 2000 instead, since you’ll rarely want to Rest Front Stage characters. Even with only the extra 2000 she will still be a threat to other Level 2s, any maybe with more boosts Level 3s. This will allow you to use her first effect more easily. If she defeats a Level 2 or higher character you can return a character from your Waiting Room to your hand, for the cost of only 1 Stock, which is cheaper than the usual 2 Stock. Without help from her second effect Haruka would struggle to pull this off, but with it she shouldn’t struggle too much. It does however mean she’ll be a Counter magnet, since by stopping her your opponent will prevent you from retrieving another character.

Due to her low power for a Level 2, it will be quite difficult to keep Haruka alive during the opponent’s turn, but if you at least salvage another character with her effect, it could be worth losing her on the following turn. If you choose to protect her with a Counter you’ll be able to immediately make up for the lost card by getting another character back from the Waiting Room. You just need to be wary that this won’t happen when facing down some of the larger Level 1 cards out there, which are probably the easiest way to deal with Haruka.


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