Weiβ Schwarz Card of the Day: 30th of July

Today we see the return of Chihaya, and this time with a Double Climax combo (of sorts).

New Promise, Chihaya

Blue / Level 2 /Cost 1 / 7500 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«音楽 Music»

[AUTO] [Put 1 Climax card from Hand to the Waiting Room] When this card is put from Hand to the Stage, if all of your characters have «音楽 Music», you may pay the cost. If you do so, search your Deck for up to 1 [Promise], show it to your opponent and add it to Hand. Shuffle that Deck.
[AUTO] [(1)] When this card attacks, if [Promise] is in the Climax Border], you may pay the cost. If you do so, draw 1 card, and for every 1 of your other «音楽 Music» characters, this card gains Power +1000 for that turn.


Blue / Book Trigger

[CONT] All of your characters gain Power +1000, Soul +1.

The reason I say today’s Chihaya card is a double Climax Combo of sorts is that both of her effects rely on Climaxes to be used, however her first ability has a generic, rather than specific cost to activate. If you’re playing an iM@S deck you should have no trouble filling your Stage with «音楽 Music» characters, meaning you can activate the first effect and get the full power out of the second effect. The first effect trades one Climax for [Promise], allowing you to set up for the Climax combo very easily, since you don’t need to have already drawn the specific Climax like for all other combos. Of course this does mean you’ll have 1 less Climax in your deck at the end of all this though, so you could take more damage later in the game.

The main Climax combo nets you an extra card in the process to make up for playing the Climax in the first place, with multiple Chihaya you’ll gain even more. After this she gains a power boost of up to 4000 on top of the original 1000 from the Climax, if you add on Back Stage support she can easily break 13/14000, allowing her to take on a lot of Level 3 cards. This makes the combo quite powerful, since not only will you gain free cards for yourself, but you’ll also likely take out some of your opponent’s cards too.


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