Weiβ Schwarz Card of the Day: 24th and 25th of July

I’ve fallen a bit behind, so we’ll be getting two days worth of cards today. On the 24th we got a pair of guys (which is our first appearance of non-cross-dressing male characters. Whereas today (the 25th) we’ve got another Haruka card in addition to a group shot card.

Jupiter’s mastermind, CEO Kuroi

Blue / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 2000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«音楽 Music»

[CONT] All of your other [Departing Jupiter, Toma] gain Power +1500 and the following ability. [[CONT] This card cannot Front Attack.]
[AUTO] [(2)] When this card is put from Hand to the Stage, you may pay the cost. If you do so, search for up to 1 [Departing Jupiter, Toma] from your Deck, show it to your opponent and add it to Hand. Shuffle that deck.
[ACT] [Put this card to Rest] Choose 1 of your [Departing Jupiter, Toma], and it gains Soul +1 for that turn.

Departing Jupiter, Toma

Blue / Level 1 / Cost 1 / 6500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«音楽 Music»

[AUTO] ENCORE [(1) Put 1 [Jupiter’s mastermind, CEO Kuroi] from your Stage to the bottom of the Deck]

Since the Kuroi and Toma cards are so closely linked together it makes no sense to cover them separately. The only purpose of Kuroi is to make Toma more powerful, harder to kill and easier to play.

The first effect of Kuroi would allow Toma to reach 8000 power, or even 9500 if you had two copies of Kuroi. (You could go higher but you’re unlikely to play that many copies of Kuroi at once. Even only 8000 is massive for a Level 1 card and going further even makes it possible to stand up to most Level 2 cards. Unfortunately though Toma loses the ability to Front Attack, which means this power boost is purely defensive, since you can no longer defeat your opponent’s cards through attacking. This means your opponent is unlikely to be able to shift Toma from the Stage for a while, but you’ll probably leave your opponent’s characters untouched as well. You’ll be able to save damage, unless of course they suicide characters into Toma, in which case you’ll still be gaining card advantage.

The second effect of Kuroi allows you to search for Departing Jupiter, Toma, which makes it easy to set the combo up, and can also help thin your deck.

The final effect of Kuroi helps mitigate the fact you can’t Front Attack with Toma by giving him a Soul boost. At Level 1 this means you’ll be able to Side Attack for as much damage as if it were a Front Attack, and at higher Levels it becomes easier to cause any damage, since you’ll be starting at a base of 0 for Level 2s or -1 for Level 3s rather than the -1 and -2 you normally have to deal with.

Toma himself also has an effect that works in conjunctions with Kuroi, which is an Encore that uses Kuroi to pay the cost. Instead of discarding from your Hand you send Kuroi to the bottom of your deck. This is much worse than a Hand Encore for several reasons. Firstly it’ll reduce the power level of the Encored Toma, since he’ll lose the 1500 boost. Secondly unless you can shuffle your deck you now know that the last card of your deck will be damage. I suppose this was probably done to try and reduce the overall power of Toma, otherwise with a normal Hand Encore he’d have been incredibly hard to shift.

Are we live!? Sunday, Haruka

Red / Level 2 / Cost 1 / 5500 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«音楽 Music» / «お菓子 Sweets»

[ACT]) [(3) Place one level 2 or higher «音楽 Music» character from your Stage to your Waiting Room, place this card into your Waiting Room] Search your deck for up to 3 “Everyone gather! 765 Pro” and play them onto separate slots on your Front Stage, then choose up to 3 “Everyone gather! 765 Pro” from your Waiting Room and play them onto separate slots on your Front Stage. Shuffle your Deck.

Everyone gather! 765 Pro

Blue / Level 2 / Cost 1 / 7500 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«音楽 Music»

[AUTO] When “Ready” is placed in your Climax Zone, this card gains Power +3000 until the end of your Opponent’s next turn.
[AUTO] [Discard a “CHANGE!!!” from your hand] At the beginning of either player’s Encore Step, you may pay cost. If so, draw a card, and all your «音楽 Music» Characters gain “[AUTO] ENCORE [(1)]” for the turn.

Just like with the Kuroi and Toma pair, these cards work together so will be covered together. The first Haruka card is solely designed to set up Everyone gather! 765 Pro for a big play. Since you can gather copies of the card from both the Deck and Waiting Room it means that you’ll be able to fill the Front Stage with 3 copies of Everyone gather! 765 Pro, unless somehow two have ended up in Memory or two are in your Hand. In the latter case you could just play the 3rd copy anyway. The ability comes at quite a heavy cost, but you do gain 1 card extra out of it in the end (-2 for Haruka & the «音楽 Music» card, +3 for the 3 copies of Everyone gather! 765 Pro). It can also set up for some pretty devastating Climax combos, since you’ll be able to do all 3 combos at once.

Everyone gather! 765 Pro has two different Climax combos, one which provides a powerful offense and defense, and the other for when that defense fails. The first combo pumps itself to 10500, with a bonus 1000 on top from the Climax card, meaning you can attack for 11500 even before considering support cards. This is pretty strong for a Level 2. In addition to this they’ll retain the 10500 attack through the opponent’s turn, meaning they’ll end up being reliant on Level 3s or big power boosts of their own to break through.

If any of your cards are somehow defeated you can save them with the second Climax combo, which grants Encore to all your «音楽 Music» characters by discarding a Climax. In addition you’ll also draw a card completely making up for the discard cost. Sometimes you might use this effect just for the draw and Climax dumping even if you don’t need the Encore. The Encore ability itself is also unusual, since it’s got a Stock cost, rather than Hand cost, meaning you can easily maintain a good sized Hand and Stage, but you will have to keep an eye on your stock. It is much much cheaper than the built in pay 3 to Encore everyone has.


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