Return of the Duelist Preview Part 8: Removal

For the 8th part of my REDU preview I’m going to be looking at all the new Removal cards in the set that don’t fit into any of the other categories that I’ve already covered previously. I’m using the term Removal quite loosely here, referring to cards that destroy, or otherwise cause cards to leave the field, whether they be Monsters or Spell / Trap cards.

Hakugin no Sniper (Snow Sniper): Level 4 1500/1300 Earth Warrior

You can Set this card as a Spell Card from your hand to your Spell and Trap Card Zones. During the End Phase, if this card was destroyed by your opponent and sent to the Graveyard while it was Set in the Spell and Trap Card Zones: Special Summon this card from your Graveyard and target 1 card your opponent controls; destroy that target.

Snow Sniper is one of a very small and special category of monsters who are allowed to reside in the Spell and Trap card zones. Once Snow Sniper is placed there you need to wait for your opponent to fall into your trap, at which point his powerful effect kicks in. A very important thing to remember here with Snow Sniper is that he must be destroyed by your opponent, this means no fancy combos on your part involving Scrap Dragon or similar.

Since Snow Sniper is reliant on what the opponent does you may have to wait quite a while until you get to use his effect, and it will mostly be out of your hands as to when this will happen. Although in a format with Heavy Storm and triple MST and decks like Inzektors around you probably won’t have to wait that long until his effect happens. The first time your opponent sees Snow Sniper will definitely be a surprise for them (assuming they didn’t know you were running it ahead of time), since usually you expect to be able to destroy Spell / Trap cards without worrying about the consequences of doing so. Instead now they’ll be losing a card, whilst you get to keep a Level 4 monster to help summon larger monsters on the following turn.

From there on it ends up becoming more of a psychological game with Snow Sniper. Will they risk destroying your set card? If they do they could hit Snow Sniper, if they don’t their plans might be foiled. Similarly if you set multiple cards they’ll need to worry about which ones are actual Spell / Trap cards are which ones are Snow Sniper instead. It may discourage them from blind MSTs or similar because of concerns over hitting Snow Sniper. Of course on turns when they go for game they won’t care either way. I imagine it probably won’t discourage Heavy Storm plays either, assuming they still gain enough from the initial use of Heavy Storm.

After hitting a Snow Sniper it may slow down or chance your opponent’s plays because it forces them to either conserve their cards or lose something important, and they’d probably rather force you to kill a worthless card that something good.
Snow Sniper will be a nice card if you enjoy mind games with your opponent, but you can’t always rely on the opponent to play into your hands.

Three Thousand Needles: Level 8 3000/1800 Earth Beast

If this Defense Position card is attacked, and its DEF is higher than the ATK of the attacking monster: Destroy that monster at the end of the Damage Step.

Three Thousand Needles is the latest upgrade to the ‘Needles’ cards, this being the largest with 3000 attack points, 1 for every needle. This means it could be quite the powerful beatstick to bring out in a Beast deck, for example with Unifolia. However I find his effect a bit mismatched with his stats. With only 1800 defense you would much rather leave him in attack position, at which point his effect is useless. Chances are he can kill most things in battle and those he can’t won’t be dealt with via his effect. If it has above 3000 attack he can’t do anything. If it’s a battle immune monster why would the opponent suddenly decide to attack him in defense position if he wouldn’t be able to win that battle and let his own monster die? Quite why you’d switch him to defense in the first place is another question, since it severely weakens him and allows him to be defeated by even Level 4 monsters.

There are only honestly two situations I could see you getting his effect to work. Firstly is from tribute setting him and hoping the opponent attacks him with a small monster. The problem with this is that no one in their right mind would dare attack a set 2 tribute monster with something that has under 1800 attack, because more often than not the attack will just bounce off. The other possibility is combining Three Thousand Needles with Inverse Universe to give him 3000 defense instead. Now unless you really need to stall with him, I’d personally just leave him with the 3000 attack and beat stuff up instead.

Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer: Rank 10 5000/2000 Light Machine

3 Level 10 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; destroy all Spell/Trap Cards your opponent controls. Your opponent cannot activate Spell/Trap Cards in response to this effect’s activation.

Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer is a ridiculous monster. He has a ridiculous name, ridiculous stats, a ridiculous effect and ridiculous summoning requirements. If you successfully summon him and use his effect you deserve to win that game. Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer is a 5000 attack walking reusable Harpies Feather Duster that cannot be responded to with Spell / Trap cards. This means that once he gets onto the field he can blow away all the opponent’s Spell / Trap cards 3 times with little worry of what they might do to him. Although to be honest you’ll rarely have to use his effect 3 times, since you’ll probably have either won before then, or he’ll have been destroyed.

I would imagine that the vast majority of the time the outcome of a duel will rest on what happens when Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer is summoned. If it’s all successful and he uses his effect you’ll probably win. If the opponent stops him before he can use his effect you’ll probably end up losing because of the resources expended summoning him.

Since he’s so powerful it’s of course quite hard to summon him. With requirements of 3 Level 10 monsters you won’t ever being seeing him in anything but the most dedicated decks. Most decks (barring Dragons) don’t tend to see a Level 10 on the field often, let alone 3 of them, but there are a few things out there that can help in summoning him.

If you can gather 3 monsters, one amongst them a Level 10, then Galaxy Queen’s Light (which I looked at in Part 7) will allow you to instantly summon Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer, and honestly this is much much easier than getting 3 actual Level 10s on the field.

So the issues of course is then what Level 10 to get? Dragons can easily go for REDMD, whilst many decks can easily pack Tragoedia or Metal Reflect Slime without too much disruption to the rest of the deck, and they can be quite useful in their own rights. More specialised decks could use cards like Yubel, Koitsu, the movie Sphinxes or Sephylon instead should they so wish, and with some of these you might even be able to pull off 3 Level 10s without resorting to  Galaxy Queen’s Light.

Swordbreaker: Rank 6 2700/1000 Earth Warrior

2 Level 6 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card and declare 1 Type; if this monster battles a monster of that Type, destroy that monster without Damage Calculation.

Swordbreaker is a big monster who can also deal with those pesky walls that some decks throw out nowadays. With 2700 attack there really isn’t that much he has to worry about beating him in battle, aside from a few things like REDMD, so his real concern is dealing with monsters that can’t die by battle, or that you don’t want to die by battle (i.e. recruiters).

If you know ahead of time what Type your opponent’s big monsters are, then you can deal with them easily. If for example you’re up against Chaos Dragons then declaring Dragon for his effect will save him from the sudden appearance of a REDMD. This of course won’t save you from Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, but he’ll be banishing Swordbreaker anyway. In a similar fashion for any mono (or near mono) type decks if you declare that type the first time you use his effect you’ll rarely have to worry about battle for the remainder of the time he’s on the field.

If however your opponent has a mixed deck it can be a bit harder to second guess what to choose, but just remember that since you’ll be winning battle most of the time anyway, only pick attributes that will be relevant for you. For example against X-Sabers declaring Insect then Warrior can help you deal with Emmersblade and Pashuul, who would otherwise cause issues. Of course the other thing to do is just wait until the opponent has a wall in your way and then choose a type, so I imagine Swordbreaker will be killing Zombies quite a lot of the time.

Swordbreaker serves several roles, beating up small to large monsters in battle, clearing out walls and fending off truly large monsters. Some of these roles could be filled individually by other monsters better (for example I’d prefer to try piercing walls with Gaia), but not much can cover everything Swordbreaker can at once. Against a varied deck or with poor choices he’ll just be a poor man’s Catastor, but with sensible choices he can outshine him sometimes.

Kyousei Taishutsu Souchi (Compulsory Escaping Device): Normal Trap Card

Both players select 1 of their monsters, then shuffle those monsters into the Deck.

Compulsory Escaping Device is arguably the ultimate in single monster spot removal. Many decks don’t mind or would actually like something in the Graveyard, other decks don’t mind if something is banished, and most don’t care if it ends up back in their hand. However going back into the deck can be a real pain, since if the right monster is chosen it won’t be seen again until it’s redrawn. This means you should save this card until you can hit something unsearchable, so that you can mess with the opponent’s plans. You on the other hand will want to go after one of your monsters which you either want in the deck, or can easily search for or re-summon. A massive drawback of this card is the fact that the opponent gets to choose which monster they send back, which means if they can keep more than 1 monster on the field, chances are you won’t be getting rid of the important one.

Compulsory Escaping Device has a powerful effect, but is let down by the fact that the opponent will have control over which monster they use. This means that often ordinary removal will serve the job better, since you’ll have more control over what dies.

There are some other interesting points to consider about this card though. Firstly it doesn’t target, which means monsters like Obelisk will hate it, and secondly if only one player still has monsters on the field during the resolution of this effect, then only they send a monster back to the deck. This means that if you can clear your monster out ahead of time, for example with Icarus Attack, you won’t need to worry about having an extra monster back in your deck.

Rengoku no Otoshiana (Void Trap Hole): Normal Trap Card

When your opponent Special Summons a monster with 2000 or more ATK: Negate the effects of that 2000 or more ATK monster and destroy it.

Void Trap Hole is the latest in the long line of Trap Hole cards, and this time with one of the highest attack requirements of all, and on top of that is restricted to only Special summons. However it does come with a bonus on top of destroying the monster, which is that it also negates that monsters effect. Previously Trigger effects have been a real pain for the Trap Hole cards, since whilst they can still kill the monster using the Trigger effect they can’t do anything to stop the effect. Often this would lead to the user of the Trap Hole card losing at least 2 cards, whilst the opponent only loses 1 card. With Void Trap Hole though an even trade-off is guarantee. If the opponent put lots of resources into the special summon that’s even better for you.

Unfortunately right now there aren’t an awful lot of monsters being played that would truly get hurt by Void Trap Hole. In the past Trishula would have hated it, but he’s currently banned. It’s of course still useful for just killing cards with 2000+ attack, but it would be nice to be able to make use of the bonus on top of that, otherwise it’s not really doing much more than Bottomless Trap Hole. If we do end up in a format filled with big special summoned monsters with Trigger effects though this card will shoot up in usefulness.

There are also a few interesting things to note about how this card functions. It cannot be used on 2000+ attack normal monsters, or other monsters without effect, such as Gem Knight Pearl. I presume because it cannot complete the ‘negate the effects’ bit of its effect. Secondly if multiple 2000+ monsters are summoned at once, it will not function the same way as Bottomless Trap Hole. You do not hit all of the monsters at once, but instead choose one and apply Void Trap Hole’s effect.

Three Card: Normal Trap Card

When you control 3 or more non-Token monsters with the same name: Target 3 cards your opponent controls; destroy those targets.

The final piece of removal in the set is Three Card, a trap which rewards you for playing multiple copies of the same monster, or decks which manipulate their name as depicted in the card itself. If you can pull off Three Card you get to destroy 3 of your opponent’s cards, whilst only losing one yourself (Three Card itself), and what’s more you get to choose which 3 will get destroyed. This is an amazing effect, since it’s rare you’ll ever get more than an even trade-off normally with cards like this. Raigeki Break for example can do similar, but only hits 1 card, whilst costing you 2 in the process.

So the issue here becomes how likely are you ever to successfully pull off Three Card? The most obvious way is depicted on the card, in the form of the many different Cyber Dragons. Another possibility is the Frog deck, since many cards in the deck are counted as Des Frog, allowing you to get 3 of the field with relative ease. If you instead want to focus on summoning 3 copies of the same card, this can also be done via several means, including Machine Duplication, Agent of Creation – Venus, Tri-Wight and Inferno Reckless Summoning. Finally you can use cards like Phantom of Chaos or Prisma to manipulate their own names to fulfill this requirement.

Personally I think Three Card is a nice addition to fun decks like Cybers, Frogs or Skull Servants and could be interesting in a mini-Machine deck. Unfortunately it won’t find much place in general decks, since you don’t have three monsters with the same name on the field all that often.


We’re nearly at the end of the main REDU preview now, with just the remaining cards from the original 80 card Japanese set to go in Part 9. Once all the TCG exclusives and OCG imports are revealed though you’ll see Parts 10 and 11, but those could be a way off since full details likely won’t be known until the actual release of the set.



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