Return of the Duelist Preview Part 7: Xyz cards

For the 7th part of my REDU preview I’m going to be looking at some of the new Xyz related cards, these either make it easier to summon Xyz monsters, make them more useful or in one case help stop them being summoned. We also get a new card which actually is direct support for the term Xyz.

Illusion Snatch: Level 7 2400/1000 Dark Fiend

When you successfully Tribute Summon a Monster: you can Special Summon this card from your hand. This card’s Level, Attribute and Type will be the same as the Monster that was Tribute Summoned.

Illusion Snatch is basically designed to help summoning higher Ranked Xyz monsters, but doesn’t have to just be used for them. If you just want to beat the opponent down dropping an Illusion Snatch alongside your Tribute monster will probably allow you to wipe off at least half of your opponent’s lifepoints, or deal a hefty blow to their monster line up. You could then follow up afterwards with an Xyz summon to secure your position in the duel.

The purpose of Illusion Snatch is to make all those hard to summon Xyz monsters that much easier to summon. Often it can be a real pain to summon anything above Rank 4 because most decks lack ways to consistently get monsters with above Level 4 onto the field, once you start trying to get cards above Rank 6 out it becomes even harder. Illusion Snatch allows you to work around this by instantly giving you two monsters of the appropriate Level, and what’s more he even matches the Attribute and Type of the summoned monster, allowing you to summon Xyz monsters with specific requirements as well.

I think Illusion Snatch will be a welcome addition to decks focused on summoning higher Ranked Type/Attribute restricted Xyz monsters without having to worry about elaborate set ups anymore.

Overlay Regenerate: Normal Spell Card

Target 1 Xyz Monster on the Field; Place this Card under it as an Xyz Material.

Overlay Regenerate is very simple and does exactly what it’s name suggests it would do. It turns itself into another Xyz material for one of your Xyz monsters. This will be useful for monsters which need materials to be at their full strength. This could allow extra uses of your monster’s effect (e.g. Evolzar Dolkka), make their effect more powerful (e.g. Gachi Gachi Gantetsu), or keep their effect on for longer (e.g. Tiras). Of course those that don’t do anything with their materials, or need 2 per effect won’t benefit from this card.

Overlay Regenerate will be useful for decks focused on repeatedly using their Xyz monster’s effects, but will be a terrible card to top deck when you’re in a bad situation or without Xyz monsters. Very focused decks may use it, but for most decks it won’t be consistent enough.

Galaxy Queen’s Light: Normal Spell Card

Target 1 Level 7 or higher monster you control; the Levels of all currently face-up monsters you control become the same as that monster’s, until the End Phase.

Galaxy Queen’s Light is ideal for summoning the biggest Xyz monsters out there, and can allow you to summon some that would otherwise seem impossible to summon. This card makes it much easier to summon monsters like Number 11: Big Eye and to be honest is just about the only reasonable way I see of summoning Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer, who we’ll be seeing in a future preview.

With this card in your deck you no longer need to worry about running multiple high Level monsters and clogging up your deck and hand, instead single copies can be played. This means you won’t need to worry about the monster underperforming on its own, and you’ll sometimes be able to summon a powerful Xyz monster as well.

With this card I’d probably feel more comfortable playing it for the occasional ‘just in case’ big play, rather than relying entirely on Galaxy Queen’s Light.

Generation Force: Normal Spell Card

If you control an Xyz Monster: Add 1 “Xyz” card from your Deck to the hand.

Generation Force is the first card in a while to be named after an older set, and it’s quite fitting that the original Xyz set would provide its name to some Xyz support. As you might have noticed several cards have now been released which feature the name ‘Xyz’ in them, and this card unifies them into a theme, rather than just simply sharing a word with the type of Monster card. We can probably expect a lot more Xyz cards in future, so this card will just keep on getting better and better as the game goes on.

Right now many of the Xyz cards aren’t brilliant and struggle with the fact they need at Xyz monster on the field (which this card unfortunately does as well), however by making them all searchable it instantly makes every other Xyz card far more useful, since it’s now possible to pick and choose as the situation requires.

Some of the more useful Xyz cards to get are those which require Xyz monsters, but don’t need them to be on the field, such as Xyz Reborn, or Xyz Soul (the next card in this preview). In the former case your opponent probably won’t be best pleased to know that your Xyz monster will be coming straight back to life should they deal with it. In the latter case you can punish the opponent for destroying your Xyz monster by powering up all your monsters.

I think Generation Force will only get better as time goes on, and could be quite fun to use in Xyz (deck type and monster type) themed decks.

Xyz Soul: Normal Trap Card

Target 1 Xyz Monster in either Graveyard; until the End Phase, all monsters you control gain 200 ATK for each Rank that monster has, then, you can return that monster to the Extra Deck.

As mentioned previously we now come to Xyz Soul, a new way to make use of Xyz monsters after they’ve been defeated. In many decks this will provide at least an 800 boost to all your monsters, but for some decks this could likely also hit 1200, with some rare decks going even higher. It doesn’t take many monsters on the field for this to start turning into game winning damage. Since it can be used in the damage step it also makes it harder to stop, and it means that at least one of your attacks is likely to get through, or you’ll defend from one opponent’s attack.

Remember you can also use it with the opponent’s Xyz monsters, turning their own high Ranked cards against them, and meaning you don’t even need to have pulled off an Xyz summon yourself for this card to be useful.

The final part of Xyz Soul’s effect is also useful for helping to reuse your Xyz monsters, since maybe you’ve already exhausted all your copies of that particular card and would like to use it again later. Remember to note that you can, rather than must return the monster. This means that if you use Xyz Soul on an opponent’s monster you don’t need to worry about giving it back to them for re-summoning later.

Te no Hiragaeshi (Attitude Change [lit. Palm Flip]): Normal Trap Card

If there are face-up monsters with Levels different from their original Levels: Change all monsters on the field to face-down Defense Position.

The final Xyz related card in the set is a card to help stop Xyz summons. As you may have noticed with a lot of the new support in this set often the easiest way to summon higher Rank Xyz monsters is to modify the levels of lower level monsters, instead of trying to muster a field a many high level monsters. Most of you will also no doubt have used or been on the receiving end of the some the plays Wind-Ups or Inzektors can make in relation to this as well. This card is designed to completely shut those plays down. By flipping the monsters face down they’ll lose whatever level they had changed, and also become illegible for Xyz summons since they’ll be face down. Even better if they were summoned this turn they’ll be stuck face down and you can pick them off more easily since their defense will probably be weaker than their attack. It’ll also stop any of their other effects for the turn. If they can reflip the cards at least you’ll have hopefully messed up some of their Xyz plays.

On rare occasions I suppose you could also use this card to your personal advantage by modifying the level of monsters with Flip, or once per turn effects, and thereby allowing you to flip them down and back up. There are honestly easier ways to do this though, so I don’t expect you’ll be making this play too often.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at some of the new Xyz related cards, and will come back again for Part 8, where I’ll be looking at all the new Removal cards this set gives us.




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