Return of the Duelist Preview Part 2: OOPArts

For part 2 of my preview I’m looking at the new OOPArts theme. The name comes from Out-Of-Place Artifacts, a term used to describe artefacts which don’t seem to match up with the technological capabilities of the civilisation in which they were discovered. Some believe this is due to Aliens, so of course Yu-Gi-Oh! plays up this aspect of things. The theme mostly consists of Rock or Machine type monsters, and is capable of quick Xyz summoning amongst other things.

OOPArts Mayan Machine: Level 3 1500/700 Earth Machine

This card can be treated as two Tributed monsters for the Tribute Summon of a Machine-Type monster.

Mayan Machine doesn’t actually fit in at all with the rest of the theme, because the biggest OOPArts monster we have so far is only a Level 5, meaning this effect can only support other Machine monsters. It’s nice that Machine monsters finally get one of these, but honestly they don’t really have many two tribute monsters you’d actually want to play. I suppose maybe Ancient Gear Golem or Machina Fortress, but generally they just come with a big attack score and not much else.

OOPArts Colossal Head: Level 4 800/1600 Earth Rock

You can banish this card from your Graveyard to target 1 Level 3 or higher face-up monster; change it to either face-up or face-down Defense Position. The effect of “OOPArts Colossal Head” can only be activated once per turn.

Colossal Head can be used both offensively and defensively, making him quite a versatile card. When on the offense you can use his effect to switch an opponent’s monster to defense, hopefully making it easier to kill. If it has an annoying effect you could flip it face down, so that even if you’re unable to defeat it this turn you’ll at least be able to make more plays. You could even flip one of their monsters face down so that you can use something like Bottomless Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute when they flip it again. However if you make this play your opponent may predict your move and try to play around it.

In terms of defensive plays you can use it to protect important monsters more easily. For example if you have a monster with high defense but low attack and a useful effect, usually what you have to do is set it and hope it gets attacked, or summon it and hope it doesn’t get killed. Thanks to Colossal Head you can summon it, turning its effect on immediately, and then switch it to defense, making it harder to get rid of, and it only takes 1 turn to set up.

One final use of the card is to reuse flip effects by flipping the monster back face down and then manually up again. Just be careful it’s a high enough level to use this card on them.

The defense of Colossal Head isn’t too terrible so if you need to you could use it to block a few smaller monsters, but you could also send him directly to the Graveyard via cards like Foolish Burial, Rock Bombardment or as we’ll see in a few articles time Rock Bombarding Area, so you can use his effect immediately.

You have to be careful when using Colossal Head that you remember he cannot touch Xyz monsters or very low level monsters though.

OOPArts Golden Shuttle: Level 4 1300/1400 Light Machine

Once per turn, during your Main Phase: You can increase the Levels of all “OOPArts” monsters you control by 1.

Golden Shuttle makes Xyz summoning higher ranked cards much easier by increasing the level of all your OOPArts. I imagine most of the time you’ll only get to use the effect of Golden Shuttle once though, since it probably won’t live any longer. On rare occasions you’ll get access to very high Rank Xyz monsters, but you’ll probably already have such a lead by the time you pull this off that they won’t be needed. Golden shuttle can be combined with the other OOPArts to summon a variety of Xyz monsters, most of which I’ll cover when I get to the individual cards in question.

If you can’t pull off any of the combos, just normal summoning any OOPArts and Golden Shuttle over the course of two turns will increase your Xyz options. It’s also worth noting that there are some useful combos to be make with Colossal Head. So for example if the other monster is already the correct level you could flip it down and only increase Golden Shuttle to match it, before flipping it back up and Xyz summoning. If Golden Shuttle is already the level you want and you only want to raise the other monster you could use this effect, flip Shuttle down, then flip it back up before Xyz summoning. Both of these examples of course require the flipped monster to have already been there from the turn before. You can also use Colossal Head to activate Shuttle twice in a single turn, allowing easier access to what would probably be Rank 5-7 cards.

OOPArts Crystal Bone: Level 3 1300/400 Light Rock

If your opponent controls a monster while you do not, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). When Special Summoned this way: You can Special Summon 1 “OOPArts” monster, other than “OOPArts Crystal Bone”, from your hand or Graveyard.

Crystal Bone is an easy way to Xyz summon, or at worst put up an added defense. As usual with these sorts of cards you want to be special summoning the extra card from the Graveyard so as to gain a card overall, but you shouldn’t hesitate to summon one from your Hand if it’s the best option at the time. On it’s own it can be combined with Mayan Machine or Crystal Skull for an easy Rank 3, of these you’re much more likely to combine it with Crystal Skull, because as you’ll see soon he’s going to be in your Graveyard very quickly. Add on a Golden Shuttle from your Hand and you’ve now got a Rank 4. Reviving a Golden Shuttle and then summoning another manually also gives you access to cards from Ranks 4 to 6.

Even if you don’t want to Xyz summon just being able to get two monsters onto the field without using up your normal summon can be very useful when you’re trying to hang on in the game, or perform tribute summons for more powerful monsters.

OOPArts Crystal Skull: Level 3 900/600 Light Rock

During your Main Phase, if you control an “OOPArts” monsters: You can discard this card to the Graveyard; add 1 “OOPArts” monster, other than “OOPArts Crystal Skull”, from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand. The effect of “OOPArts Crystal Skull” can only be activated once per turn.

Crystal Skull is the key to the deck allowing you to search for extra OOPArts from the Deck or Graveyard. This means you can either thin your deck down or play as if you were running additional copies of the card you got back from the Graveyard. Since you need an OOPArts already on the field, you’ll usually be setting up for a future play. You can’t always afford to take the risk of waiting a turn to use Crystal Skull, since you won’t be able to guarantee that your first OOPArts will survive that long. This is the cards biggest drawback, because unlike other searching cards in the game it’s useless on its own.

Crystal Skull opens up some combo plays for the deck, such as searching for Crystal Bone, and then using Bone to revive Skull before making a Rank 3 monster. Another combo would be summoning Golden Shuttle, increasing its level by 1, then searching for Moai (the next card up) before summoning Moai to make a Rank 5 monster.

OOPArts Moai: Level 5 1800/1600 Earth Rock

If you control an “OOPArts” monster, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand) in face-up Defense Position.

The final effect monster is Moai, who appears to exist purely for summoning high ranked Xyz monsters. As mentioned before one Golden Shuttle and a Moai can make a Rank 5, but you could also make a Rank 5 with two Moai, or even a Rank 6 with 2 Moai and a Shuttle. Outside of this it has fairly poor stats meaning you really don’t want to be using it for much other than Xyz summoning. As with Crystal Bone, when you get into really tight situations you could just throw it out as extra defense, but you’re probably going to end up losing anyway if you have to do that.

OOPArts Crystal Eilien (OOPArts Crystal Alien): Rank 3 2100/1000 Light Psychic

2 Level 3 monsters
Once per turn, when this card is targeted for an attack: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; during this turn, this card cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects, and any damage you receive from this card battling is inflicted to your opponent instead.

I’m honestly not sure what this card will end up being called in English, since the name will be a little awkward for us. The name is Alien, but it’s written differently from the “Alien” theme, meaning we’ll probably get something slightly different for the name when it does come out. For their first Xyz monster we have Crystal Alien who can be very hard to kill and acts like Amazoness Swordswoman. If you want power from a Rank 3 there are better choices out there, but it can act as a wall whilst also going on the offensive. Chances are your opponent will avoid attacking it if they can, since it’ll take them 3 turns to kill it this way, instead they’ll have to resort to using card effects to kill it. If they don’t have the removal you’ll at least have a couple of turns before it can be shifted, even if they do get out big monsters. If you don’t need a wall you can still hit them with a 2100 attack card which isn’t too shabby if you started off with Crystal Bone.

Numbers 33 OOPArts – Chouheiki Mashu-Makku (Number 33: OOPArts Superweapon Mash-Mak): Rank 5 2400/1500 Light Machine

2 Level 5 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card to target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; inflict damage to your opponent equal to the difference between that card’s ATK and its original ATK, and have this card gain that much ATK.

Their 2nd Xyz card is their Superweapon, but I really doubt you’ll want to summon it often. Currently there aren’t that many monsters used which change their attack, and some that are like Giga-Mantis happen to modify the original attack anyway, making this useless. Probably the card you’ll see most often is Giga-Brilliant, but the 300 boost and damage won’t really make a dent in anything. If we were in a format where stat changes happened a lot this card could be very powerful, but right now it’s a bit lacking. If you caused the changes yourself through stat reductions to the opponent you could try and abuse the effect though. If Hieratics take off in a big way this would be very good, because they have a habit of dropping their own monsters to 0 attack, leaving them open to a lot of burn and a huge attack boost for this card. Most of the time they won’t leave the 0 attack card around long enough for you to do this, but when they do they’ll live to regret it.

OOPArts Technology: Normal Spell Card

Target 1 “OOPArts” monster in your Graveyard; banish it, then reveal the top two cards of your Deck. Add 1 of those cards to your hand, and send the other to the Graveyard. Only 1 “OOPArts Technology” can be activated per turn, and you cannot Special Summon monsters, other than “OOPArts” monsters, during this turn.

OOPArts Technology is the deck’s own little version of Pot of Duality, except you’re still allowed to special summon OOPArts, and you lose one of the cards you see. Since you need to banish an OOPArts monster in your grave you’ll probably not be able to use it on Turn 1, but it should be easy to pull off once you’ve made it to mid/late game. Decks love any extra draw power and deck thinning they can get, so this is very welcome. Sometimes the card you don’t add to your hand you’ll want in the Graveyard instead anyway, for example if one of them happens to be Colossal Head. To me this seems very good and I expect to see it in lots of OOPArts decks.

OOPArts – Pyramid Eye Tablet: Continuous Spell Card

All “OOPArts” monsters you control gain 800 ATK.

Pyramid Eye Tablet helps the deck with the power boost it desperately needs. It turns Shuttle and Bone into 2100s meaning they can handle most level 4 or below cards. Skull becomes a 1700 and Colossal Head a 1600, which means they can actually defeat cards in battle now and aren’t complete pushovers. Finally Moai can be a 2600, which makes it a real threat, capable of defeating most other monsters used at the moment in battle, barring massive things like REDMD. Of course since it’s a continuous spell card it comes with all the inherent problems those cards have. If you want to keep the power boost you need to be able to protect it, which can sometimes be difficult. You also need to watch out it doesn’t get MST’d whilst attacking, since you’ll likely end up losing your OOPArts in battle as well of Pyramid Eye Tablet. The other problem is that it only works on your OOPArts, meaning that your other monsters won’t benefit from it, and it’s useless on its own. It can be good if you want to go nearly completely OOPArts and can protect it, but if you only use a few OOPArts it would be hard to justify using.

Stonehenge Method: Normal Trap Card

When an “OOPArts” monster you control is destroyed by a card effect or battle and sent to the Graveyard: Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower “OOPArts” monster from your Deck in face-up Defense Position, and its Battle Position cannot be changed.

Their final card is basically their own Hero Signal, except it can also be used when destroyed by effects. It allows you to keep a presence on the field and protect your lifepoints, whilst thinning your deck. As more and more OOPArts come out (if they ever do?) this can only get better, but right now you honestly don’t want to use this to summon many of the OOPArts monsters. You can’t summon Moai, you don’t want to summon Bone or Skull and you probably won’t be playing Mayan Machine. This leaves Shuttle, which is an iffy summon and only 400 defense and Colossal Head, which has a half decent defense at 1600. Right now I wouldn’t really use this card since you’ll honestly only really be summoning Colossal Head, unless you plan for an Xyz summon next turn. As such I feel its uses are too limited right now.

Next time I’ll be back with the new Magical theme, and their Spellbooks, which turn a very old pair of cards (which have just been reprinted) into a brand new theme.


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