Weiβ Schwarz Card of the Day: 23rd and 24th of May

This week has been continuing its theme of Climax combos with a Ricca combo and a Sakura combo (Who makes their first appearance in the Card of the Day in Ricca’s Climax card.) Chances are we’ll be finishing off the week with one final combo just before the set is released.

Towards an ideal future, Ricca

Yellow / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 5000 / 1 Soul / No trigger

«魔法 Magic» / «生徒会 Student Council»

[A] When [Ever-blooming flower] is put in your Climax Zone, if this card is in the Front Stage, reveal the top 1 card of your Deck. If that card is a «生徒会 Student Council» character card, you may choose 1 of your opponent’s characters and return it to their Hand.

Ever-blooming flower

Yellow / Whirlwind Trigger

[C] All of your characters gain Power +1000, Soul +1.

This Ricca combo is all about bouncing cards to the opponent’s hand. If you trigger the Climax you get to bounce one of your opponent’s characters to their hand, whereas if you draw the Climax you can use it to possibly return one to their hand. The latter of these two will probably be the far more useful one, since you have more control over it.

You can’t rely on hitting this Trigger when attacking, and it won’t always be useful when you do. If you hit it when you’re going to win all the battles anyway it could actually help the opponent. If you’re staring down characters you can’t beat it can be useful, but you may have to risk a suicide attack in the hopes you hit it. Probably one of the more common uses would be bouncing a support card to make attacking easier, which is especially good when it has a cost attached.

With Ricca’s effect you won’t always be guaranteed to hit a «生徒会 Student Council» card, but more often than not you will. With hopefully a bit more control of the bouncing effect it should be easier to clear out powerful attackers or supporters. Ideally you want to hit high cost cards to force the opponent to use more stock, or above current Level Changed cards, making it so they can’t replay it next turn.

Bounce has its uses but personally I’d rather get rid of a card than delay it.

Important matter, Sakura

Blue / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 2500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«魔法 Magic»

[A] [(1)] When this card Attacks, if  [Token of Friendship]  is in your Climax Zone, you may pay the cost. If you do, look at up to 5 cards from the top of your deck, choose up to 1 «魔法 Magic» character from amongst those cards, show it to your opponent, and add it to your hand. Send any remaining cards to your Waiting Room.

Token of Friendship

Blue / 2 Soul Trigger

[A] When this card is put from your Hand to the Climax Zone, draw 1 card, and choose 1 of your characters. It gains Power +2000 and Soul +1 for that turn.

This Sakura combo has multiple uses. Firstly you will probably get a free «魔法 Magic» card which is always useful. Given that it’s a Draw 1 Climax you’ll also be gaining 1 card overall, unlike some other combos where you lose a card in the process. Secondly it allows you to thin your deck and possibly get Change targets into the Waiting Room. This can also prevent you triggering Climax cards and getting them stuck in Stock. However it might also increase the chances of you triggering other ones when you attack.


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