Weiβ Schwarz Card of the Day: 17th of May

Another day brings us another pair of Da Capo III cards, this time with a focus on Sara and reveals to us a new Level 3 card and a risky counter card.

Special smile, Sara

Green / Level 1 / Cost 1 / 2000 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / «スポーツ Sports»
[A] When the ASSISTANCE of this card is used, choose 1 of your Opponent’s Characters in Battle. That Character gains Soul +1 for the turn.
[S] ASSISTANCE 2500 Level 1 [(1) Discard this card from hand to the WR]

This Sara card provides a powerful counter for a 1/1 card, being 500 above the standard, but as such comes with a risky downside. In exchange for the 500 extra power boost your opponent’s card gains 1 Soul, which means you’ll be taking extra damage off the hit. This makes it more likely you’ll cancel the damage, but you’ll also be losing faster when you don’t. Later on in the game it becomes outmatched by higher Level, Cost 1 cards with no drawbacks. At the very end of the game the Soul boost to the opponent could actually be useful, since sometimes you’ll be losing anyway regardless of the boost or not, so anything to increase the chance of cancelling is a bonus.

Eternal promise, Sara

Blue / Level 3 / Cost 2 / 10000 / 2 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / «スポーツ Sports»

[C] If your Opponent has 5 or fewer cards in their Hand, this card gains Power +1000.
[A] When this card is played from your Hand to the Stage, you may send the top card from your Clock to the Waiting Room.

This Sara card is very similar to yesterday’s Himeno card, with 10000 power, healing and the chance for a +1000 power boost. The criteria for the power boost are different though, this time relying on the number of cards your opponent has in their hand. Once again it relies on the opponent to work, which takes away some degree of control from you, but I think it might be easier to pull off. Quite often you might find both of your Hands are depleted by the end of the game, meaning she’ll often gain her power boost. In games where you’re winning it’s likely your opponent will be low on Hand cards, meaning Sara can help cement your victory by growing even stronger. She can also discourage certain plays if it will make her too powerful to defeat.


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