Yu-Gi-Oh! Galactic Overlord Preview Part 4: Phantom Butterfly Assassin

The Phantom Butterfly Assassins are a small new theme in GAOV, which look like they come from a one-shot opponent from the ZeXal anime. This means I wouldn’t expect to see much support beyond these cards. The main two cards are Warriors, with only their support monster as an actual Insect. Their Xyz monster also fits into the Photon archetype, meaning it can gain additional support from them.

Phantom Butterfly Assassin Morpho: Level 4 1200/1600 Dark Warrior

Once per turn, when an opponent’s monster’s battle position changes: You can target that monster; that target loses 1000 ATK and DEF.

Morpho is not a particularly impressive card. Neither its attack nor defense is enough to provide a threat, or a decent wall. This means you’ll need to support Morpho with either stronger monsters or Spell and Trap cards like Enemy Controller in order to kill things and use its effect. Unfortunately most of the time you use Enemy Controller on a monster you can defeat it anyway, meaning the stat reduction will be pointless. The fact this effect is only once per turn weakens this even further, since it prevents you setting up any combo plays to sap the opponent’s stats. I don’t see much reason to bother with Morpho.
Phantom Butterfly Assassin Ageha: Level 4 1800/1200 Dark Warrior

When your opponent takes Battle Damage from another monster’s attack: Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; it loses ATK equal to that Battle Damage.

Ageha is the slightly more useful of the two, since it comes with a respectable 1800 attack, and deals with something that happens a lot in this game, battle damage. With Ageha around you can pick off the opponent’s smaller monsters in order to weaken their heavy hitter and then take that down. Or alternatively you could overpower one little monster, and in turn weaken and defeat each of your opponent’s other monsters. Of course the idea is to combine Ageha and Morpho to make use of the 1000 attack reduction, but it’s probably not worth the effort.
Moonlit Papillon: Level 4 1200/1600 Light Insect

When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower “Phantom Butterfly Assassin” monster from your Deck.

This is the recruiter for the deck, which makes it much easier to get either of the other two cards onto the field. Unfortunately it can’t fetch itself like many other battle recruiters and it also has very limited choices. If there were more cards out there this would of course be better. It’s of course vital for a Phantom Butterfly Assassin deck, but I’m not sure what would convince you to play one of those.

Photon Butterfly Assassin: Rank 4 2100/1800 Light Warrior

2 Level 4 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; change 1 Defense Position monster your opponent controls into face-up Attack Position, and decrease its ATK by 600.

This is meant to be the trump card for the deck, since it can be combined with both Morpho (position change) and Ageha (stat reduction). However it doesn’t really stand up to some of the other Rank 4 choices out there. Since it’s a generic Xyz monster you don’t have to keep it within its own deck, but once again there are usually better choices. It’s also a Photon monster and as such can benefit from all their support.Probably the best use for this card is to deal game ending damage by flipping your opponent’s final monster to attack position and hitting for lots of damage, much like people did in the past with Black Rose Dragon.

As you might expect from a small theme like this it’s not very impressive, needing a lot more cards to even stand a chance. If you wanted to try them for fun you could always try combining them with Photons to make proper use of the Xyz monster. Next time I’ll be looking at the Bounzers, another anime theme with a small number of cards that I wouldn’t bet on getting much support in the future.

New content: It has been pointed out to me since I originally wrote this that Stumbling would be an excellent card to use with Morpho, which completely slipped my mind at the time. This makes the 1600 defense of Morpho more than adequate because the opponent would need to put down something larger than 2600 to be able to get over him. When combined with the old Clown cards and some Chaos monsters it could be quite annoying to face.


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