Card of the Day: 19th of March

A new week brings a new set of preview cards, and after a week break we’re back to the Da Capo III Trial Deck, as well as more Persona 4: The Animation. The Da Capo III card is a vanilla, whilst the Persona 4: The Animation card is a mix of support and character removal.

Happening in the morning, Sharuru

Red / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 3000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«新聞 Newspaper» / «生徒会 Student Council»

No effect.

She’s a standard 0/0 vanilla, which you expect to see in a Trial Deck. Nothing else to say.

Actually a nice guy, Kanji

Red / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 3500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«不良 Delinquent» / «魔法 Magic»

[C] If there are no other «男装 Crossdressing as Male» characters, this card gains the following ability. “[A] When this card is Reversed, if your battle opponent is Level is 1 or below, you can Reverse that character.”

[C] If there are any «男装 Crossdressing as Male» characters, this card gains the following ability. “[C] Your other Front Stage Centre Field character gains power +1000.”

Kanji is an interesting mix of effects which can function as character removal for normal Persona 4 decks, but becomes even more useful in Crossdressing decks. If there are no «男装 Crossdressing as Male» characters it is your standard 1/0 Reversing card, like the 8th Angel from EVA, which is always useful once you reach Level 1. This means you can perfectly well play Kanji just for this purpose without having to worry about the deck theme.

However if you are playing the Crossdressing theme (which will probably be for the Male and Female version), then this card gets even better. Normally most Reversing cards become useless once the opponent Level’s up, because they lack any sort of attack power and basically turn into really weak Vanilla cards. Once Kanji becomes useless as removal he can turn into a support card making your central character even more powerful. If you lack Back Stage support he can move back there until you draw a better card. If you’ve filled Back Stage you can instead leave him out Front to give a boost for a single turn before he is likely defeated by the opponent on the next turn.

I think Kanji is a good versatile card, that not only helps most Persona decks but gets even better in a dedicated deck.


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