Card of the Day: 20th of Feb

Welcome back to another week of Madoka and Fate/Zero cards.  Both sets are released this weekend, so this will probably be the last week of previews for them. From next week we’ll likely start seeing cards from ther new upcoming sets, like Symphogear or Zero no Tsukaima F (The Familiar of Zero F). Today we get yet another card linking Kyoko and Sayaka together, and a card which  you can use as many copies as you like of.

Shouting, Kyoko

Red / Level 2 / Cost 2 / 8000 / 2 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / «お菓子 Sweets»

[C] If you have any other character whose card name includes [Sayaka], this card gains Power +1500.

If you’re playing a deck based around Kyoko and Sayaka this card will basically be treated as a 2/2 9500 vanilla with 2 Soul. Chances are you’ll always have a Sayaka card on your Stage, whether on the Front or supporting in the Back, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever have a time when this effect isn’t active. This card sits in between the attack powers for a 2/2 with 2 soul (9000) and the 2/2 with 1 Soul (10000). This card is undeniably better than the 9000 vanilla since it comes with 500 extra attack, and you could argue the 1 extra soul is a bonus over the 10000.

Unfortunately no one really uses these vanillas anyway in the first place, since it’s usually better to find a 2/1 or something with a useful effect. It probably won’t make much of an impact, unless the deck has no better options, or you really want to stick to this pairing.

Zabaniya, Assassin

Blue / Level 2 / Cost 2 / 6500 / 2 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«サ-ヴァント Servant» / «仮面 Mask»

[C] You can put as many cards as you wish with the same card name as this card in your deck.
[C] All of your other 「Zabaniya, Assassin」 gain Power +1500 and [[A] ENCORE [Put 1 character from your Hand to the Waiting Room]].

Zabaniya, Assassin is the 5th card released so far that you can play an unlimited number of. However unlike the other cards there are multiple different cards in the set with the same name, but different effects. So far two have been revealed, but we can probably expect to see more in the future. The other version revealed so far was a level 1 which gives Power +500 to all other Zabaniya, Assassin.

This deck is an interesting concept in theory, however I’m personally not too impressed by it. Since they only power up the other copies of Zabaniya, Assassin on your Stage it requires large numbers, or multiple copies of the same card to be effective. For example today’s one could power up and grant encore to the level 1 card, however by this point it’ll be outmatched by the opponent’s level 2 cards anyway. In exchange this card would become a 7000, which is poor for a 2/2 for attacking, and far too costly to leave in a support role.

They only really start to become deadly with multiple copies, which is the point afterall. But it’s incredibly costly at 2 stock per card. Since you can have as many copies as you want though there should be no major problem getting them to your hand. At 2 copies you get 8000s with Encore, 3 goes to 9500, 4 to 11000 and finally 5 to 12500. If you get 5 onto the Stage you deserve to get a wall like that.

If you built a deck around the Assassins I’m sure you could construct a fun deck, but they have no place outside of that deck. I wouldn’t expect you to be able to swarm the field with all of these in a single game consistently, but it would make for an interesting Stage to be staring down.


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