Card of the Day: Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day and as such Bushiroad gave us a little treat on the blog with two extra Valentine’s themed cards in addition to the new cards for today, namely a PR card from Railgun featuring Mikoto, and the Happy Valentine’s Climax card from Haruhi. The new cards for the day also sort of follow this theme, with Madoka holding a heart shaped box of chocolates. However I’m not really sure if the Irisviel card has any significance to this since I don’t know Fate/Zero.

“Secret” Madoka

Green / Level 2 / Cost 1 / 7500 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«魔法 Magic»

[C] This card gains Power +1000 if you have 3 or more other «魔法 Magic» Characters.
[A] When this card attacks, if [Don’t Tell Anyone Else in the Class!] is in the Climax Zone, choose up to 1 of your other Characters and send it to Memory. At the beginning of your next Draw Phase, put that Character in any Slot of your choice on the Stage.
[A] When this card attacks, if [Don’t Tell Anyone Else in the Class!] is in the Climax Zone, this card gains Power +2000 until the end of your Opponent’s next turn.

The first new card for the day is another Madoka card, which is once again Green. I’m still not sure why she was allocated Green since her colour scheme fits closer to Red, but it’s probably due to how they wanted to theme her effects. This card has a whole bunch of long effects today, so much that it covers up a significant portion of the card image.  The first effect is a standalone effect, whilst the latter two are both linked to the Climax card [Don’t Tell Anyone Else in the Class!].

Her initial effect, in keeping with many other cards in the set, grants her a power boost when you control enough «魔法 Magic» characters. In most scenarios you will be able to manage this, making her a base 2/1 8500 instead of 7500, which I believe brings her up to the standard for 2/1 vanilla cards, except of course she also has 2 more effects.

Both her 2nd and 3rd effect rely on [Don’t Tell Anyone Else in the Class!] and provide quite different uses. The first of these is similar to [Asahina Mikuru] from Haruhi, in that it sends a Character to Memory, before returning them next turn. Unlike Mikuru it doesn’t provide them with a power boost, but it is free. As with Mikuru the main use of this card is to allow for a cheaper Encore, or for protecting a weaker or important character. Characters which have been reversed (either deliberately through a suicide attack, or unintentionally due to an unforeseen counter card) will be saved from the Waiting Room and come back ready to go again next turn. Weaker/important characters on the other hand can be protected from attacks or effects by keeping them off Stage for a turn and out of reach of your opponent.

The final effect adds +2000 to Madoka making her a 10500 base, but it’s likely she could be even higher. For example 11500 with two Kyubey or 12500 with two Kyoko/Sayaka cards. Depending on attack boost, if any, granted by the Climax this could go even higher. The fact the boost sticks around for a turn means she’ll also provide a powerful wall on your opponent’s turn.

Combined with her Climax card Madoka can be a powerful threat to even Level 3 cards, but it may turn out there are more consistent Level 2 cards to choose from in the set, which don’t force your choice of Climax cards in the deck.

Priceless jewel, Irisviel

Yellow / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 4500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«ホムンクルス Homunculus» / «錬金術 Alchemy»

[C] If you have another Character with [セイバー Saber] in the name, this gains Power +1000 and [[A] ENCORE [Discard a Character card from hand to the Waiting Room]].

Irisviel is a very simple card, which should be easy to use in Fate decks. If you have [セイバー Saber] on Stage, which I imagine is fairly often she turns into a 1/0 5500 Encore, making her slightly better than a 1/0 vanilla. If you can consistently keep [セイバー Saber] cards on the Stage she can prove useful at Level 1, due to her higher durability. Beyond this there’s not really much else to say.


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