Card of the Day: 2nd and 3rd of Feb

I’ve gotten a little behind on cards, so we’re going to have 4 cards today. Yesterday brought us our first Red card in the form of the red-haired Kyoko, and also gave us our first Bond pair. I’ve not seen the series, but I believe the Bond makes sense within the context of the series. Today brings us another Mami card and the first of the Witches in the form of Charlotte, both cards interact with Climax cards in some way. Since yesterday’s card were a Bond pair, and one of them was a vanilla I’ll cover them both at the same time.

Sharing an apple, Kyoko

Red / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / «お菓子 Sweets»

[C] All of your other [Mitakihara Junior High second grade, Sayaka] gain Power +1000.
[A] BOND/[Mitakihara Junior High second grade, Sayaka] [(1)]

Mitakihara Junior High second grade, Sayaka

Blue / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 5500 / Soul 1 / No Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / «愛 Love»

No effect

Here we have our first Bond of Madoka, and from what I’ve gathered we can expect to see quite a lot of these two characters working together. The Sayaka card is only a 1/0 vanilla, but thanks to Kyoko it is actually quite a strong card. Normally a 1/0 vanilla is used because it’s free and it’s capable of defeating the 5000 attack or lower level 1 cards that come coupled with a bonus effect, like the Mami card below, or level 1 reversing cards. Some decks, like Alien, use them simply because they don’t have anything better to choose from.

Anything that can regularly perform better than 5500 for cost 0, for example [Disagreeing Asuka] is always welcomed. When you can combine this card with Kyoko, which will hopefully be the regular situation for playing her, she will essentially be a 1/0 6500 which is very strong for a cost 0 card. Of course if you’ve used Bond to get this card you need to account for the fact that this cost 1 stock in the first place. However unlike when playing a 1/1 this card nets you a +1 overall, rather than leaving you with the same number of cards overall. Of course you’re likely to lose Kyoko next turn, but at least it will protect you from 1 damage. In addition should you need to this play puts two attackers on the Stage, instead of one, meaning you can gain 1 stock overall, rather than remaining at the same amount you would with the 1/1.

Another advantage of this pair is that it means you’ll be able to retrieve Sayaka from the Waiting Room whenever you need to, meaning you can afford to Clock her or discard her early game, provided you have Kyoko ready to grab her back. These cards can also work really well with Wednesday’s Sayaka, by easily giving you two more «魔法 Magic» characters on stage to boost her power.

There will unfortunately though be times where you won’t have enough space to play both cards together, or where Kyoko could conflict with the Kyubey support card, if you want to keep her around longer and keep Sayaka as a more powerful card.

Overall I think this pair will give Madoka decks (or at least Red/Blue ones) an interesting level 1 game, and could prove to be quite a powerful combination.

No longer alone, Mami

Yellow / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 5000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / « お茶 Tea»

[A] When this Front Attacks, if [No Longer Afraid of Anything] is in the Climax Zone, reveal the top card of your Deck. If it is a Climax card, this card gains -4500 Power for the turn. Otherwise, this card gains +4500 Power for the turn. (Put the revealed card back)

This Mami card is interesting if you like to gamble, but is probably more designed around the significance this has for the story. I can’t fully judge the power of this card without knowing what the Climax card does though, because I don’t know how much bonus attack, if any, it will give you. Although to be fair it probably won’t matter too much. Basically with this card if the gamble works it can kill any level 1 card and most level 2 cards, and possibly a few level 3 cards, depending on support. If it doesn’t you won’t even be able to kill most level 0 cards though.

Given the relative probabilities, unless you can manipulate the top of your deck via another card, you will nearly always lose on the gamble. With the ability to manipulate your deck this card only has use for gambling, and is otherwise pretty terrible. If you can manipulate your deck I still don’t see everything coming together all that often.

“Witch of Sweets”, Charlotte

Yellow / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 3000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / «お菓子 Sweets»

[C] The character opposite this card gains Soul +1.
[A] During this card’s battle, if the damage you take is cancelled, this card gains Power +1000 until the end of your next turn.

Charlotte here on the other hand is a much better card, and can certainly add to the mind games you’ll be playing. Since she adds Soul to the opponent’s cards it means you are going to be taking more damage when she gets attacked, however it also means it’s more likely the damage will be cancelled, and when it is it will set off her power boost. Whenever the opponent attacks this card they will need to be wary of the fact that they could cancel the damage and pump her by an extra 1000 attack, meaning that they’ll usually have to play under the assumption she is a base 4000 attack card. A lot of the time she will just be a 3000 attack card, but the opponent won’t be able to afford the risk of losing a character when you cancel. In addition since she keeps the boost on the following turn she can then defeat other level 0 cards with ease, meaning your opponent will want to make certain they defeat Charlotte in their own turn.

This Charlotte card can be quite risky due to the added damage you take, but the fear it can put into the opponent can force them to either rethink their plays or use extra resources. They’ll curse the times Charlotte remains at 3000 and the cards were wasted, but be relieved the times it pays off. I can definitely see this card getting played in Madoka decks.


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