Card of the Day: 24th Jan

It looks like we’re going to have a week of Madoka to look forwards to this week, and probably each of the main girls. I’ve not actually seen the show, but I gather there are 5 of them? Just like yesterday we have a Green card from the Trial Deck, except this time it’s a level 1.

Homura Challenging Walpurgis Night

Green / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 4500 / Soul 1 / No Trigger
«魔法 Magic» / « 時間 Time»
[A] When this card attacks, look at up to the top 2 cards of your Deck, choose 1 card and put it to the top of the Deck. Put the rest of the cards to the Waiting Room.

Here we have an interesting Homura card, who makes up for her low attack score with a powerful ability. With this card you can have greater control over the amount of damage you can deal to the opponent, as well as allowing for deck thinning. She will be especially useful late game when you want to deal specific amounts of damage (usually smaller amounts that are less likely to be cancelled), since it can pick and choose the most useful trigger, assuming you have that sort of choice in the next two cards. Assuming Madoka has a Door Climax you could also use the effect to place that on top and dump the other card for immediate retrieval to the hand. This of course does leave you with the problem of a Climax in your stock though.

I can imagine this card being used in quite a few Madoka decks, but then again this is only the second reveal so far. I’m curious whether or not we’ll see more cards in the series which can manipulate your triggers like this.


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