Card of the Day: 16th Jan

With another week comes another round of Card of the Days for Weiβ Schwarz. Today (or rather yesterday by just a bit) we have another Dog Days card (since the official release is still yet to happen).

エクレール・マルティノッジ Éclair Martinozzi

Red / Level 2 / Cost 2 / 8000 / Soul 2 / 1 Soul Trigger

«動物 Animal» / «武器 Weapon»

[C] If there are 3 or more of your «動物 Animal» characters this card gains 「[A] Encore Put one character card from your hand to the Waiting Room」.

[A] When this card is placed on the Stage from your Hand, during this turn this card gains power +X, where X is equal to 500 x the number of your «動物 Animal» characters.

Here we have a high cost, but over the long run relatively weak Éclair card for Dog Days. Her 2nd ability is the same as [Usual Nagato], except for «動物 Animal» which means that on the turn you play her she can gain between 500 and 2500 power. This means that on the first turn you play her she can cap out at 10500, before you even factor in support cards. As a result on the turn you play her she should be able to break through just about any other level 2, and even some level 3 cards. However much like [Usual Nagato] her power plummets afterwards taking her down to a very poor 8000 attack for a cost 2 level 2 card.

However she also has Encore, allowing her to stick around for longer and try to cause more damage thanks to her 2 Soul, because she certainly won’t be doing much with her attack score. Overall I wonder about this cards effectiveness compared to some other cards Dog Days has to offer, and think it’s too costly for what it does.


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