Card of the Day: 13th of Jan

After a barrage of Yu-Gi-Oh! articles it’s finally time to get to the card of the day from Friday. Once again we have some Nichijou cards, and once again we have cards that work together as a trio, but this time from Blue rather than Yellow.

東雲 なの Shinonome Nano

Blue / Level 3 / Cost 2 / 10000 / 2 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«メカ Mecha»

[A] When this card is placed on the stage from your hand or deck, if your other 「はかせ Hakase」 or 「阪本さん Sakamoto-san」 are there then you can put one card from top of your Clock to your hand.

[A] When a Climax card is triggered during your character’s trigger check, this card gains power +1000 util the end of your opponent’s turn.

Nano is one of the big Blue cards from Nichijou and she has a rather interesting variant of the standard healing ability level 3 cards have. Instead of just healing one damage from the Clock you can add it to your hand, however it requires two specific cards to be on the stage at the time. This however shouldn’t be too hard to achieve in this deck, since Sakamoto-san is a general support card for the deck, and as you’ll see soon Hakase is able to bring this card out, and it is obviously intended to be played in this way.

Her second ability is a potential powerful, but also wildly incosistent power boost. The vast majority of the time it won’t do anything at all leaving her at a standard 10000. Sometimes she’ll reach an 11000 and on rare occasions it might even go higher, possibly above 13000 if you throw in extra attack cards. Of course thanks to Sakamoto-san she should hopefully not be working at her complete baseline anyway. An unfortunate downside to the fact that she’ll become larger under these sorts of circumstances is the fact you’ll have just triggered a large number of your Climax cards and left yourself completely open to damage in the following turns.

はかせ Hakase

«科学 Science» «お菓子 Sweets»

[A] ((2) Put one card from your hand to the waiting room) When 「東雲研究所の日常 Shinonome laboratory’s ordinary life」 is placed on the climax field and this card is in the front row you can pay cost. By doing so, you look at your deck, choose up to one 「東雲 なの Shinonome Nano」 and place it in any frame on the stage you like. Shuffle the deck.

Hakase is the Climax Synergy / search card for the Nano card above. The cost to fetch Nano might seem rather high, but you have to consider the fact that she would cost two stock anyway, and the card from your hand is replaced by Nano anyway, turning a deadweight into something useful. The only real extra requirement is the Climax card, and it’s not too bad a requirement to get a level 3 card a level early. In addition if you play Nano in this way chances are you’ll be able to set off her first ability and gain a bonus card from your clock in the process.

Just like with the schoolgirls the Blue side has a trio who work best when all together, except this time it’s for late game rather than early game.

Join me again next week when we’ll see what the new cards revealed for the Card of the Day are.


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