Card of the Day: 12th Jan

As a little break from the stream of Yu-Gi-Oh! articles it’s back to the Weiss Schwarz cards for a second. Sorry it’s a little late, but it’s only just gotten past midnight. Even though Nichijou is now fully revealed on the official website, I will still be following the cards they post up in the card of the day section. Since Dog Days ceased soon after the set was released at Comiket we can expect the Nichijou previews to end soon. Although since Dog Days isn’t officially released yet we might see a resurgence in that. Expect to see either Fate/Zero or Madoka cards soon though.


Blue / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 1000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«動物 Animal» / «スカーフ Scarf»

[C] All your other characters that contain [なの Nano] or [はかせ Hakase] in its card name gain power + 500.

This is intended as the main early game support card for the Hakase side of the deck and serves that role perfectly. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any extra bonus like the 3 Aliens card or the Yuri support card from Angel Beats!.

It’s looking pretty clear to me by this point that even though it’s an Extra Pack, with only a limited number of cards in it, that you’ll have a hard time mixing the yellow and blue cards. You’ll either stick to the school side or the Hakase side, with many cards that will only work in their respective side. Just like the Cosplaying Hakase card from the other day this can find uses in Standard to support a Nanoha deck, but I would imagine that already has this role filled.


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