Yu-Gi-Oh! Order of Chaos Preview Part 3 : Photons

With the two big themes of ORCS now finished it’s time to move onto the other themes, of which there are several, such as Photons, Wind-Ups and Evol. Most of these themes have a smaller presence in the set than Inzektors or Ninjas, so there is of course less to talk about. Of the remaining themes Evols probably have the largest amount of new support, however now I’ll be looking at Photons. As usual sorry if the names aren’t quite right, still using some translations rather than official names.

Photons were introduced in Photon Shockwave and are a new light based theme, so can of course benefit from cards such as Honest. With ORCS they get a few new monsters, which I’ll look at first, followed by their new spell card.

The Monsters

Photon Lizard : Level 3 900/1200 Light Dragon

You can Tribute this card you control: Add 1 Level 4 or lower “Photon” monster from your Deck to your hand. The effect of “Photon Lizard” can only be activated once per turn.

First up we have Photon Lizard, who seems like an alright monster. Getting cards from your deck is always good, tributing a monster to do so, not so much. Compared to other searchers like Reinforcement of the Army or Stratos this effect just seems poor. You use up your normal summon, and a monster to only get a level 4, leaving yourself open to attacks. I realise the idea is usually to follow it up with Photon Lead to special summon it, but it just seems like a waste of cards to me. About the only worthwhile use I see is for the next card in the preview.

Photon Slasher : Level 4 2100/0 Light Warrior

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. If you control no monsters: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. If you control other monsters, this card cannot attack.

Photon Slasher is essentially the Cyber Dragon of the deck, just easier to summon . Although to be fair since Cyber Dragon is already a light I can see you playing him in a Photon deck anyway. This card is designed to work with Photon Lizard. You can tribute off Lizard to fetch Slasher and have a 2100 on the field easily. Not being able to attack if you control other monsters is a massive disadvantage and I can see this card becoming a burden if you want to try and push for more damage.

Photon Crusher : Level 4 2000/0 Light Warrior

If this card attacks: Change it to Defense Position at the end of the Damage Step.

There’s not much to say about this card really. These sort of cards have existed in Yu-Gi-Oh! for years with various different stats and restrictions on when they can change back. Fortunately Crusher can change back next turn, but with only 0 defense he’s unlikely to live that long. He’s probably better suited as a deterrent than an actual attacker.

Photon Leo : Level 6 2100/1100 Light Beast

When this card is Normal Summoned: Your opponent shuffles their hand into their Deck then draws the same number of cards.

Honestly unless you know the opponent has a specific combo assembled in their hand you want to stop, I don’t see the point in this. You’re probably just as likely to improve their hand as you are to make it worse, or make no real overall change.

Photon Circler : Level 4 1000/1000 Light Spellcaster

Halve any Battle Damage you take from battles involving this card.

This is pretty bad. I really don’t know why you’d want to play it over other cards. It’ll save you from little bits of damage and cause maths problems for some people, but other than that nearly all the time a bigger vanilla would be better.

Twin Photon Lizard : Fusion Level 6 2400/1000 Light Dragon

2 “Photon” monsters
You can Tribute this face-up card; Special Summon all of the Fusion Material Monsters used to Fusion Summon this card from your Graveyard.

This card is designed for swarming at the expense of card advantage. The idea is to fuse 2 monsters with more than 2400 attack combined and then tribute this straight away to get them back. This is generally a bad idea though. To be honest the best use I see for this is using it as an easy way to get out Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon, but I’m sure there are easier ways to do that.

Photon Trident:Quickplay Spell Card

Target 1 “Photon” monster you control. Until the End Phase, it gains 700 ATK , and when that target attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing Battle Damage to your opponent. When that target inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent: Destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card on the field.

Unfortunately right now I’m still going off an unconfirmed effect. Maybe someone’s pulled it somewhere by now, but it’s too much effort to look… I’m really sorry if this isn’t the real effect.

Based on the current effect though this card is very good. It’s basically a souped up Rush Recklessly for Photons. The added piercing means it can even be used to hit for lots of damage when going through a defensive monster. You could steal wins with it when the opponent is trying to hide behind low defense walls like Fluff tokens. Destroying a spell/trap card as well makes this even better, since it can open up the way for other monsters to get an easier attack in. I am honestly wondering if someone is pulling our leg with this right now though.

 Next time I’ll be looking at the Evols, who have a respectable chunk of the set dedicated to them.


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