Today’s Card : 28th December

In attempt to get myself writing a bit more often, I’m going to be trying to write one of these for every Weiß Schwarz card revealed on the Bushiroad website from now on. This means every weekday. To start things off we’ll be looking at the two Dog Days cards from the 28th of December.

Lop-eared Eclair

Red / Level 0 / Cost 0 / Attack 2000 / Soul 1 / No trigger

«動物 Animal» /«武器Weapon»

[A] When this card attacks,  pick one of your other «勇者 Hero» characters and it gains power +1000 during this turn.

[S] [Put this card to the Waiting Room] Choose one of your «勇者 Hero» characters and it gains power +2000 during this turn.

Now I’ll be honest I have never watched Dog Days, so I don’t know anything about the series beyond there being animal people or something? I’m going to assume there are quite a few «勇者 Hero» cards in the set, namimo tells me at least the main character is.

This card seems decent assuming «勇者 Hero» is the main attribute of the set. This card is intended as support, but unlike most support cards can’t safely stay Back Stage. Its first effect can help you overcome your opponents cards (mostly early in the game) since +1000 is quite a hefty boost at level 0. Due to its low attack it however isn’t very durable and will likely only stick around one turn. However this means that your opponent will likely be forced to attack it and possibly save one of your other more powerful cards, lest they be faced with a +1000 boost again.

The second effect gives a large boost for a level 0 card, but is very costly. Compared to say [Top Secret Immigrant Mari (EV/S12-029)], which gives +1500 and doesn’t cost you a card, it just won’t often be that useful. Admittedly cards like Mari will be defeated on the following turn, but at least you’ll gain 1 stock.

Onmitsu Squad Head Yukikaze

Red / Level 0 / Cost 0 / Attack 1500 /Soul 1 / No trigger

«動物 Animal» /«神 God»

[A] When this card is reversed, if this card’s opponent is Level 0 or below then you can reverse that character.

[A] [(1)] At the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase, you can pay the cost. By doing so, choose one of your other «勇者 Hero» characters and it gains power +1500 during this turn.

This card is the far better of the pair. Firstly it’s the level 0 suicider for Dog Days, which makes it basically a staple in Dog Days decks. Pretty much any series with access to this sort of card plays it.

The second effect is a support ability. Unlike Eclair this effect can be used without sacrificing the card or needing to be on the Front Stage, but does carry a cost of 1. I think this is a much more useful support ability and means that unlike most level 0 support cards it will still be useful once you get above level 0. It can give the sort of boost that would normally be reserved for a level support card, but admittedly only boosts one card. In addition since it’s used at the beginning of your opponent’s attack phase you can force your opponent to unnecessarily boost their attack to avoid this effect.

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with the cards for the 29th of December, and I’m also hoping to look at the Bushiroad Mail Magazine cards soon.


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