The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Green

Welcome back to the 2nd part of our look at the cards from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Today we’re going to be looking at the Green cards.


The majority of the Green cards feature Mikuru, so it makes sense that the focus of the Green cards is «Time».  Also in fitting with the general theme of Green cards there are plenty of ways to give your characters tremendous attack boosts. In addition there is also some «SOS Brigade» support.

We’ll start by looking at some of the cards which find their place in other decks as well as well as playing starring roles in a Green deck. Probably the most used Green card is [Wish Upon a Star Mikuru SY/WE09-05 R], which is used either as an early game powerhouse or as a later game support card for your «Time» characters. Starting as a level 0 with only 2000 attack she might not seem like much, but it gains 1500 when you have 2 or less stock, which at the start of the game is fairly easy to do. It’s made even easier by her second ability, where for 2 stock you can give a «Time» character +4000 attack, which of course includes herself. This means she has an easy time reaching 7500, which is pretty big for a level 0, more than enough to even take out most level 1 characters. In a dedicated «Time» deck she can easily help your other characters overcome any threat they face. The next most used is probably [Cat Ears Mikuru SY/W08-037], which is a late game defensive card. Characters facing her lose 1 soul, and when you play her you can pay 1 stock to prevent the opponent playing Climax Cards for a turn. At the end of the game both of these will reduce your opponent’s ability to cause damage and could help you survive long enough to win the game.

Another card which finds uses outside of a dedicated deck is [Asahina Mikuru SY/W08-029]. At the start of the Encore step she can send herself and another card to Memories and they come back in your next turn with +1000 attack. This card is generally used more for its ability to save cards without having to use encore, than its attack boost though, since it’s a rather small boost for 2 stock. Finally we come to [Different Time Isotopes Mikuru & Mikuru SY/W08-026] and their Climax card [Classified Information SY/W08-049]. There is a powerful Climax synergy for these two cards, with the 2 Mikurus gaining two abilities when attacking with the Climax in play. First of all the opponent can’t play event cards next turn, limiting their options. However the effectiveness of this varies with the deck you’re facing. Secondly all your characters gain 1500 attack on top of the Climax card’s boost which means all your characters will end up with 2500 more than usual, which can help clear out larger threats.

The rest of the good Green cards are support cards of several different varieties. They are either general support, support for «Time» cards, «SOS Brigade» cards or specific cards in the set. Both [Clumsy Girl Mikuru SY/W08-027] and [Signing Session Mikuru SY/W08-038] provide general support as well as having additional bonuses related to «Time». Clumsy Mikuru gives the characters in front +1500 attack, which is quite a step up from level 0 support cards, but is quite costly at 2 stock. As a bonus if you have 2 «Time» characters when you play her from your hand you get an extra stock, which is very useful in the cost heavy Green deck. Signing Session Mikuru is the basic + 500 in front level 0 support card, but also allows you to search your deck for any «Time» card by discarding a Climax card and resting two characters. This makes her invaluable for assembling the key pieces of your strategy.

Next we have support for the «SOS Brigade». [Dressed Up Mikuru SY/W08-033] gives all «SOS Brigade» +500 attack and +1 level, the latter of which might not seem that useful. However it can be useful with effects that are reliant on level, allowing you to extend their uses beyond their normal limits. Its second effect is useful against decks reliant on Concentrate because when they send a Climax card to the Waiting Room with Concentrate you can discard a card from your hand to reduce one of their characters by 2000 attack. This makes it possible to get rid of Back Stage support cards, since when a character hits 0 attack they go to the Waiting Room. [Time Travelling Kyon & Mikuru SY/WE09-06] on the other hand gives all your «SOS Brigade» cards Encore. This makes it much easier to maintain your stage, and allows your low level cards to serve a greater purpose in the end game by saving your stronger cards. It has an extra ability for when a character goes from the Stage to the Clock, which several Haruhi cards can do; by resting this card you get an extra Stock from the top of your deck.

Most of the «Time» support has already been covered in the previous sections, but there is one last card which might prove useful, [Energetic Senior Tsuruya-san SY/WE09-08]. This is the +500 to all «Time» support you expect for most types, and like all the others it has some added extras. In addition to «Time» it also supports «Forehead», which probably isn’t the most common attribute outside of Tsuruya’s cards. Finally if you trigger a Gold Climax card one of your characters gets a 2000 attack boost, which will occasionally be useful in a dedicated Green deck.

Finally we come to the cards which directly support other Green cards, namely [Time Leaping Girl Mikuru SY/W08-031] and [Cat Ears Tsuruya-san SY/W08-034]. The former, in addition to being a Counter card, can Change into the 2 Mikurus card, which could give you access to a serious power boost ahead of your opponent. The latter has a bond with Cat Ears Mikuru, making it easier to gather together your trump card for the end of the game. It also comes with a bonus ability for when you hit a Bag trigger. You can reduce an opponent’s card by 1000 attack, which might get rid of a few support cards.

Hopefully this has given you an overview of some the more useful and powerful cards available from the Green side of Haruhi. There are still plenty more cards to check out though if you want to build a «Time» or Mikuru deck, but it would simply take too long to cover every single one of them.  With any luck this has given you some ideas of where to start, or some cards to give more consideration to. Next time we’ll finally be finishing off the Haruhi series by taking a look at some of the more notable cards from Yellow.

涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱: © 2007,2008,2009谷川流・いとうのいぢ/SOS団
All right belong to original contents holders and images are used for the quotation purpose only.

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