Banned/Restricted Cards

There are only a few banned cards in Weiß Schwarz at the moment (the period 27th August to 29th February 2012), possibly due to the young age of the game, or due to card design in general. There can be different levels of bans for cards, either just forbidding them in some formats, or from all of them. In addition with the most recent update a card has been limited to 2 for the first time. Today we’ll be taking a quick look at the banned cards, and try to explain in my eyes why they seem to be banned. Cards are generally banned either because they’re in themselves too powerful, or because they have combos with other cards that are too powerful. The banned cards are as follows:

[The World has Lost its Colour (SY/W08-071)]

“Choose 1 of your Level 1 or above characters and send it to your Waiting Room. If you do so, choose 1 of your level 0 or below «Brigade Leader» characters from your Waiting Room and put it in a border of your choice. Then, choose up to 2 characters from your Waiting Room and return them to your hand.”

This is one of the cards too powerful in its own right and is currently banned from all types of tournaments. This card is usually a +1, and at worst break even if you can’t revive a level 0 Brigade Leader. In addition it allows you to cherry pick the best two characters in your waiting room for your current situation. When it was legal in Neo Standard it lead to a format dominated by Haruhi decks abusing this card.


“Choose up to 2 cards in your Clock and put them in the Waiting Room. Send this to Memory.”

The only other completely banned card in the game might not look like much, but due to how tournaments work it was damaging the game. It only has a cost of 1 making it a cheap heal card once you reach level 3, but to most card games heal isn’t very impressive. What caused problems though was that people were basically using the card to heal themselves and win by time out, so for the good of the game it was removed.

[Kamiki Akinari(P3/S01-014)]

“Automatic: When you level up this card goes to the Waiting Room.

Automatic: When this card is sent to the Waiting Room from the Stage, your opponent sends one of their hand cards to the Waiting Room.”

This card is currently banned from Standard and Side Limited and  is banned due to interactions with other cards. By combining it with a card which can repeatedly send it to the Waiting Room, such as [“Jyurin” Akechi Mitsuhide(SB/S06-016)], and cards which give encore, such as [“Brutal chibi-child” Illya(FS/S03-080)] you can wipe out an opponent’s hand in one go. This can be devastating and could force them to concede right there. Of course you first need to have more cards than your opponent, which was easy enough at the time thanks to the next card.

[Playing in the Creek!(DC/W01-E18)]&[(SK/WE05-27)]

“Draw up to 2 cards, and put 2 cards from your hand on top of the Deck.”

This card is also banned from Standard and Side Limited. On its own it doesn’t look too strong, since you lose a card in the process, but its ability to arrange the top of your deck is invaluable for Concentrate abilities, making some of them far too powerful. For example [Louise of the Void(ZM/W03-053)] sends the top 2 cards from your deck to the Waiting Room and gets you back two characters for every Climax you send, so of course with this card it’s easy to place 2 Climaxes there and gain 4 extra cards.

[“Heaven Canceller”(ID/W10-084)]

“Continuous: All your other «Esper» characters gain “Automatic: Encore [Discard a character card from your hand to the Waiting Room]”.”

This card is currently banned from Neo Standard and Title Limited. This card was originally released when there weren’t many good Esper cards and was just a good support card for them, but after Index & Railgun II came out, they became very powerful and this card helped to push them over the edge. This card was banned to try and curb that power.

[Mikoto & Kuroko Under One Roof(RG/W13-052)]

“Automatic: When this is placed from the hand to Stage or placed via Change to Stage, you may put the top card of your Clock to the Waiting Room.
Automatic:[(1) Discard a card from your hand to the Waiting Room] When this card attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do so, this card gains +2000 Power and “Automatic: When the Battle Opponent of this card becomes Reversed, you may deal 1 damage to Opponent” for the turn.”

Finally we have the only card in the game limited to 2 in Neo Standard and Title Limited. This was the trump card of the Index/Railgun deck, with both healing and burning abilities. Just by successfully playing it to the stage you would be in a strong position. Thanks to the deck’s support cards and her own ability she could grow powerful enough to defeat just about anything in battle provided you had enough cards in your hand. This meant you’d be using her burn effect nearly every turn, and being only a single damage it’d be much harder to cancel and things would soon pile up during late game.

Join us again soon for hopefully the completion of our look at the Haruhi series, and a sample deck from the series.


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