Tournament Structure

Sorry for the long break from articles, but I’ve been a bit busy with work and life in general. With a new ban list revealed and the Bushiroad Cardfight 2011 recently concluding, where Index/Railgun dominated the tournament taking 4 of the top 6 slots, I think it’s time to take a look at how tournaments work, and a look at the banned cards.

For those of you unfamiliar with the structure of Weiß Schwarz tournaments, which for those of you outside Asia will be quite a large chunk of you, today we’re briefly going to cover the basics about how they work.

Like many other card games Weiß Schwarz has a variety of formats. Standard is the least restrictive format allowing you to use cards from any series in the game in your deck. Neo-Standard is the most popular format, where each person can only use cards from within a single series (barring a few exceptions), but everyone in the tournament can play using a different series, should they choose to. This means you can for example have Railgun facing off against Milky Homes, or Evangelion facing Bakemonogatari. Series restricted is the most limiting format, since everyone has to be playing a deck using cards from the same series. However these are mainly used during new product releases as a way to promote the product. There are also Side restricted tournaments where you can only use cards from either the Weiß or the Schwarz side.

Unusually for a card game Weiß Schwarz only plays a single game in tournaments, and as such has no need for a side deck. I personally feel card games should have extra rounds (like the usual best of 3) to try and mitigate the luck factor, but that’s not how things are done here. This means you may make card choices for your deck to combat specific threats that you know are popular at that time. It also means that if someone is on a lucky streak you can get really unexpected results such as the unmodified Bakemonogatari Trial deck taking 2nd at a regional. The round times are 25 minutes, which should be just enough time to fit in a single game. Although as with any card game you can get people stalling late game to try and use the time limit to their advantage. The tournament structure will be Swiss or knockout, probably determined by factors such as attendance, time constraints etc.

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