Haruhi: Blue and Red

Having now looked at the series behind the cards (or for those of you only interested in the cards), we’ll now turn our attention to the cards that make up the Haruhi series.
So far there has been a Trial Deck, a main booster, an extra booster and plenty of promotional cards, so there’s more than enough to choose from.
The cards are split into the four colours of Weiß Schwarz, with each main girl taking a colour and the main guys and minor characters taking the last.

Haruhi gets Red, Mikuru joined by Tsuruya gets Green, Yuki with the other 2 interfaces get Blue, and Kyon and Itsuki get Yellow along with minor characters such as Kyon’s sister or Mori.

Here we’ll take a brief look at what the Red and Blue has to offer. Unfortunately I’m not as well versed in some colours as others.


The Blue cards in this series are nearly entirely Yuki cards, with a few Ryoko and Emiri cards, with other characters making cameos. In addition the vast majority of them are «Alien» cards, with the main exceptions being the promo cards for Disappearance. Since I play an Alien deck (well Yuki deck to be honest) these are the cards I’m most familiar with. In addition to the usual variety of vanilla cards that any deck has Blue has a few standout cards either for the theme, or in general.

Starting with the in-theme support cards we have [Aliens Nagato & Asakura & Kimidori (SY/W08-076)], commonly referred to as the 3 aliens card.

This is probably the strongest «Alien» support card there is, giving all other «Alien» a +500 point boost, and allowing you to search your deck for an «Alien» card by paying 2 and resting it. In an Alien deck this grants you access to nearly any card in your deck, provided you still have stock. Another support card is [Observer Nagato (SY/WE09-22)], who gives all other «Alien» +500 in your opponent’s turn. This can work as a replacement until you get the 3 aliens, but due to its 2500 attack, can also be used as an attacker if necessary. There is also [First Client Kimidori (SY/W08-093)], which has an Alert ability which gives all «Alien» +1000 when she’s on top of the clock.

From the event and counter cards the most notable themed ones are [Message on the Bookmark (SY/W08-095)] and [Witch Nagato & Shamisen (SY/WE09-23)]. The former allows you to both heal and draw at the same time, provided there is an alien on stage, however you lose a card overall in the process. The latter is a relatively weak, but free, counter card which is more useful for tactical moves. It gives +1000 to the character battling, but if there are 2 or more «Alien» on stage you can also give +1000 to an «Alien» on stage. This means that it can either work as a normal +2000 counter, or you can split the effect across two characters, saving yourself a card when attack points are close.

For the themed character cards you’ll be actually attacking with, the four that stand out most to me are [Usual Nagato (SY/W08-102)], [Glasses Girl Nagato (SY/W08-079)], [China Dress Nagato (SY/W08-082)] and [Summer Festival Nagato (SY/WE09-24)]. [Usual Nagato] gains 500 times the number of «Alien» on stage when she’s played for that turn. This means she can start at a basic 3000 (she’s an «Alien» herself), and can go all the way up to 5000, without accounting for backstage support. She’s useful for taking out low power level 1s for cheap, or for taking out the high powered level 0s that have drawbacks.
When [Glasses Girl Nagato] is paired with her Climax card [Death Match in the Information Restraint Space (SY/W08-099)] and attacks all «Alien» gain an ability whereby if they reverse an opponent’s card you can pay 1 stock to draw 1, which is a useful way to replenish your hand.
[China Dress Nagato] starts at 7500 attack and gains +500 for every other «Alien» on stage during your opponent’s turn, and has encore. This means that she can fairly easily be a 10500 attack level 2 with encore when backstage is accounted for. This makes her quite a tough card to get rid of.

Finally [Summer Festival Nagato] reduces her level to 2 when you have 4 or more «Alien» on stage, meaning you can play a 10000 attack character easily at level 2. In addition she has a Climax synergy with [Evening of the rest of 2 weeks (SY/WE09-27)] which heals and grants her a massive attack boost, making her the mainstay of the Alien deck late game.

Blue also has a couple of non theme specific cards that have powerful effects. [Nagato Yuki (SY/W08-078)] is a level 0 1500 that gains +2000 in the opponents turn, and has encore, making her an excellent early game wall. [Swimsuit Haruhi & Nagato (SY/W08-083)] gives a free encore to another character when played to the stage from your hand, making it a useful card when faced by a character you either can’t defeat or would otherwise be reversed by. [Guitarist Nagato (SY/W08-086)] gives all your other characters 500 times their level during your opponent’s turn, and allows you to draw an extra card, provided you discard one afterwards, if you trigger a book icon. This makes her best suited to Blue themed decks, such as Alien.

Finally [Dressed Up Nagato (SY/W08-077)] is the trump card for the Blue section. When you play it you’re allowed to essentially rearrange the opponent’s stage, letting you take out their backstage support cards and ruin their plans for a turn. In addition to this when you play the card you may pay 1 and if you reverse an opponent’s card with it you heal 1 clock.


Haruhi makes up the majority of the Red cards in the set, and will occasionally be paired with other characters. The unique trait to these cards is «Dancho (Brigade Leader) », which makes sense given the character; however there is very little actual support for this. There are some very powerful Red cards available, one of which is even banned outside of Standard. In addition there are a few more fun Red cards.

The only real «Brigade Leader» support is [Christmas Party Haruhi & Kyon (SY/W08-051)] and [Declaration of Victory Haruhi (SY/W08-T06)]. The former gives all other «Brigade Leader» cards +1000 attack, whilst the latter has a Concentrate ability which can place a «Brigade Leader» on the stage from the waiting room. [Declaration of Victory Haruhi] also has a Change ability with [Trouble Girl Haruhi (SY/W08-T08)], but is rarely used for this.

There are a variety of powerful and interesting Red character and event cards across a spread of levels.

Starting at level 0 is [Haruhi holding a bouquet of flowers in both hands (SY/W08-T02)] which is the usual sort of backstage support card giving +500 attack to the characters in front, however it also has an extra effect. If you trigger a door icon you may pay 1 stock to send an opponent’s level 1 or lower character from the front stage to the waiting room, making it a very valuable card in the early game. It’s also useful for ensuring you don’t have any Climax cards in your stock. [Onsen Haruhi (SY/W08-054)] is a very useful level 0 character, since in addition to reversing any level 0 characters that reverse her, she also gives another «SOS Brigade» +1500 attack when this happens. [Dressed Up Haruhi (SY/W08-059)] has an unusual effect which allows you rest another character and move it to an empty backstage slot if she reverses a character. This is helpful for protecting other characters that have already been reversed.

At level 1 probably the most notable in general card is [“The Usual” Haruhi (SY/W08-056)], which is a little unusual. When it reverses a card it can essentially run away to Memory until next turn. This opens up some more offbeat strategies and also makes her a very difficult card to defeat.
The event card [I have no interest in Ordinary Humans (SY/W08-072)] can only be used if you have a «Brigade Leader» on the field, but allows you to add 2 «SOS Brigade» from your deck to your hand in exchange for discarding a card afterwards. This is an even trade which allows you to gather the cards you need from your deck.
[City Exploration Tour (SY/W08-070)] is a fun but little used event card where for the heavy cost of 3 stock you take the top 5 card from your deck and separate them into a pile of 2 cards and a pile of 3 cards. Your opponent selects one pile to add to your hand, and the other returns to the deck. Your opponent will practically always select the smaller pile so this card will usually give you 1 extra card, however the cost is honestly too high.

At level 2 is the event card [The World has Lost its Colour (SY/W08-071)], which is an incredibly powerful card. If you send a level 1 or higher card to the waiting room you can place a level 0 «Brigade Leader» onto your stage and add any 2 characters from your waiting room to your hand. This gains you 1 extra card and gives you a great choice of cards, so it’s understandable why it’s banned in most tournament structures.

The game ender for Red is the level 3 [Trouble Girl Haruhi (SY/W08-T08)], who in addition to healing 1 clock when you play her has a Climax synergy with [Someday in the Rain (SY/W08-T10)]. If that Climax is in play Trouble Girl deals 1 damage when she attacks, meaning the damage can soon rack up if many of them are on stage at once since it’s harder to cancel single damage.

There are also a fair few other cards that might be worth looking at, but we’ve already gone on far too long here. These include a bunch of card with Climax synergy including [SOS Brigade Brigade Leader Haruhi (SY/W08-052)] and her Climax card [Birth of the SOS Brigade (SY/W08-074)], [Happy Valentine Haruhi (SY/W08-062)] and her Climax card [Happy Valentine (SY/W08-073)] and [“Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody” Haruhi (SY/WE09-15)] with her Climax card [I am here (SY/WE09-20)].
Also let’s not forget [Endless Eight (SY/WE09-19)] a counter card you can play 8 copies of.

Next time we’ll be finishing things off by looking at the Yellow and Green cards in the series.

涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱: © 2007,2008,2009谷川流・いとうのいぢ/SOS団
All right belong to original contents holders and images are used for the quotation purpose only.

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