TCG, Shiyo?

Welcome to the new blog by namimo and Xagor! Here we’ll be talking about TCGs and related subjects with most of the focus on the Japanese game Weiß Scwharz. For those of you who’re not already familiar with the game, Weiß Scwharz is a TCG by Bushiroad where some of your favourite anime, manga and video game characters can go head to head. More information about the game can be found on the official website or the english blog.  In addition I have previously written articles about the game for the Hyper Japan website, which could be of use to those of you just getting started. There are also a couple of useful resources for those of you looking for english translations of cards.

In the future we’re hoping to write articles about a variety of things related to Weiß Scwharz, looking at both the cards, and the series from which the cards come from.

In addition I might write a few Yu-Gi-Oh! articles here and there.

Hopefully you’ll be able to join us soon for our first few proper articles.


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